DIY hairstyles

Very often there are such situations when you need to look like a king, and there is almost no time to visit a professional hairdresser. Do not worry! Our article will tell you about the most universal hairstyles. Choose a few to suit your occasion. Be sure to use the following tips, with which you can easily create evening hairstyles at home without the expensive help of a professional.

evening hairstylesPractical advice

Before you do evening hairstyles, you need to learn a few simple rules:

  1. The most important thing - the laid hair must have a finished look. For example, if you decide to make curls, then it is necessary to curl each strand, straight and unworked should not remain so that they do not stand out from the overall picture and do not spoil the entire appearance. The main criterion to which you should strive must be a perfect result, so that no one will guess that this is your work, and not a product of the highest skill of a professional stylist.
  2. If you are not sure that you can complete some of the most sophisticated technology evening hairstyles or bring the overall look to perfection, that is, perform the first item, you should not choose them. Make something simple! Stop your choice on the classics, add a couple of bright details and complete your image with additional accessories.
  3. Never do a difficult unfamiliar hairstyle for an hour or two goodbye or a solemn event, because in case of failure you will not have time to wash your hair and invent something else. In the end, you risk the impeccability of your appearance and your mood. It is best to practice several times on the eve of an important event in creating your unique image.

Simple classic evening hairstyles

how to make evening hair

Laying, characterized by a simple technology of execution, often look much more impressive than complex tall structures, from which the head quickly gets tired due to the abundance of all kinds of studs and retainers. We will describe some evening hairstyles that do not require a lot of time for their creation, long held in their original form and relevant in almost any event.

Elegant knot

The most common tail can turn into an evening hairstyle if it is given a bit of chic. To do this, you just need to wrap a strand of hair around the elastic, completely hiding it. Further only your imagination works. Whether it is a neat high tail or a small artistic mess - you decide.

evening hair at home

Chic curls

This is probably the most common hairstyle, suitable for any occasion. It is done very simply - wind your hair at night with curlers or use an iron or curling. The result will be a voluminous mane of curls, which can be left flowing or collected in some other hairstyle, for example, in a seashell. Whatever you decide, the result will be great.

French braid

If there is an opportunity to use the help of mom, girlfriend or sister for the construction of hair, then the French braid will be a win-win option at any event. Weaving options there are a great many - choose the one that fits the style of the intended event. If there is no time at all, there is an original solution - hair chignon. It is only necessary to attach it beautifully to your hair - and you are irresistible!

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