Does thrush go by itself?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
December 6, 2012
Does thrush go by itself?

Thrush is one of the types of damage to the body by fungi of the genus Candida. The causative agents of the disease are yeast-like fungi, which under normal conditions inhabit the body of a healthy person in the microflora of the mouth, intestines, vagina.

The disease begins with a sharp increase in the number of microorganisms due to changes in temperature, hormonal levels, reduced immunity, and increased pathogenicity of the pathogen. Symptoms of the disease depend on its localization in the body: cheesy plaque on the tongue, cheeks, gums, itching and burning of the genital organs, whitish discharge of a milky color from the vagina, changing the smell of discharge, pain during sexual contact, diarrhea with white flakes, increased gas generation and t dd

Traditional medicine conducts comprehensive treatment with immunomodulating and antifungal drugs, antibiotics, topically and orally. Often carry out physical therapy, prescribed reception of lactic acid bacteria, lactobacilli, prebiotics.In severe cases of the disease, laboratory tests are carried out and the causative agent is determined.

Does thrush go by itself?

Considering that fungal infections are fraught with consequences and complications, and their treatment even with the help of modern methods is a long and difficult process without a guarantee of recovery, doctors advise not to wait for the deterioration of health, and starting with a consultation with a doctor, heal according to prescribed schemes.

Can thrush go by itself without medication? Over time, with an increase in immunity and changes in conditions, the symptoms of the disease may disappear, however, the defeat of the body by a fungus will not pass by itself. Therefore, be sure to contact a professional and begin treatment as soon as possible!

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