Double beds with their own hands how to do? Double Bed Tips

Bed should be comfortable and cozy. Many people buy a bed in a furniture store, but not everyone can afford it, given the fact that today the beds of the original design are produced, and this affects their value. You can be much more creative and make a double bed with your own hands. It will be the decoration of the room and the pride of the household. In addition, you can show your imagination and make your vacation spot unique, not like other

Double beds do it yourself

double beds do it yourselfFirst you need to assemble the base. To do this, take lumber and planed it well. Then cut out the parts that are connected to each other with screws to make a quad with two internal longitudinal details.The distance between them is 53 cm. To make the base more durable, you can attach the boards across the longitudinal details.make a double bed do it yourself

Base for mattress

They take the boards and plane them with an electroplane, and then assemble the frame. It consists of six transverse and two longitudinal planks. To make the construction durable, using screws, attach the bars between the transverse boards. Complete the manufacture of a double bed with their own hands by connecting the two bases obtained, and then sheathe MDF sheets.bed transformer double do it yourself

Sleeping bed on the podium

The best option for small premises will be a transforming podium bed, which can perform a variety of functions. Some craftsmen construct a wooden frame and sheathe its material in the color of the interior room.

A bed for sleeping, if you put a mattress there, and at the same time a bed-transformer will serve as a place for storing linen. A double, self-made construction is arranged as follows: the podium opens, the mattress is removed from there, or it is advanced by means of a roller mechanism. In the morning, such a podium can be used as a place for tea drinking, having erected on it special folding furniture, which is then placed inside.making a double bed with your own hands

To make such double beds with your own hands, you do not need to buy expensive materials. Chipboard sheets can be used for the manufacture of the frame and internal partitions. When the outer walls of the structure are ready, they are placed next to the plinths. The upper part of the podium is made of plywood. A transforming bed is not only a cozy sleeping place, it is also a comfortable closet where you can store anything.

Round bed

Many people want to make their bedroom original, for this purpose they acquire furniture of unusual design, color, and shape. A round bed will give the room a piquant touch and make it perfect. In order to decorate such a piece of furniture a bedroom, it is not necessary to run to the store, you can make it yourself, using sheets of chipboard and plywood. For such a bed is very difficult to choose the appropriate mattress. Despite the fact that beds of various shapes began to appear on the furniture market, it is not easy to choose a round, specific size mattress.wooden double bed do it yourself

Therefore, before making double beds with your own hands, you need to take care of it in advance, and already to make a bed for its size.In addition, a bed of this form is not suitable for everyone. The room for it should be spacious, and the furniture - the same form.

Bed with lifting mechanism

Surely, many small apartment owners face the problem of lack of free space in the room. Most of the space in the room is the bed. You can solve the problem with space, if you combine a bed and a closet. The best option would be lifting double bed. With their own hands make the structure, which consists of end and side parts, made of any materials. In order to put inside some things, enoughlift the lattice with a mattress.lift double bed do it yourself

Depending on the preferences of the owners, you can make the bed in such a way that it is lifted due to the resistant legs or rested against the floor with the lower edge of the frame. Carry out a design from natural wood of different breeds, a chipboard laminated by the artificial film imitating some types of a stone and a tree.

Lift system

The main element allowing to lift the upper part of the bed is the lifting mechanism.These are steel strips of a certain cross section, which are interconnected, and two pneumatic shock absorbers.

The top plate is attached to the base of the mattress grille. Parallel to it is an element of the base of the lift, which is mounted on the details of the bed frame. The cross bars adjust the height of the base of the mattress and help the shock absorber to support the upper part of the bed in the raised position. All parts must be strong, because the load is perceived by a gas shock absorber, hinged fasteners, straps and fasteners. Then you can be sure that there will be a reliable double bed in the bedroom. With your own hands (the photos presented in this article clearly demonstrate this) to make it quite real.making a double bed with your own hands

Important points in making the bed

In order to ensure the possibility of attaching the top rail to the grille on which the mattress is placed, it is made of angled steel. The configuration of the lower support bar facilitates the movement of the pivot bearings; it is slightly inclined from the surface at the joints. In the manufacture of such beds should take into account several important points:double beds do it yourself

  1. First of all it is necessary to determine the size of the bed. Most often the length of a double bed is 2 meters. What will be the width depends on the preferences of future owners. Standard sizes range from 1.8 m to 2 m. These parameters affect the strength of the lifting mechanism, which will be applied in the future.
  2. The second parameter is the absence or presence of an additional frame. Manufactured steel base will increase the strength of the bed. It is necessary to remember about people with great weight.wooden double bed do it yourself

Double beds, made by hand, is a great opportunity for a little money to collect a unique bed.

Making a lifting bed

In order to make yourself such an element of furniture, you need to prepare a tape measure, ruler, corner, level, drill, saw and carpenter's pencil. As a rule, the lifting bed consists of 3 main parts:

  • securely fixed base;
  • movable base;
  • bed with a mattress, connected by a hinge.

The fixed base is the backbone to which the lifting mechanism and the moving bed will be attached.The construction itself is mounted to any surface. Variations in the implementation of this part of the bed a lot, most often prefer to perform in the form of a box to the closet, which is additionally attached to the wall. The basis can be two pillars made of wood or metal pipes.making a double bed with your own hands

The manufacturing process of the lifting mechanism was described above. It should be noted that the most comfortable place in the house will be a double wooden bed. With your own hands you can create a beautiful corner where everyone will be comfortable. In addition, wood is of high quality, ecological purity and longevity.

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