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The Soviet times are gone, when on weekends with multi-colored flags in the courtyards and on the balconies was washed laundry. Now the situation has changed, and the hostesses prefer to dry things at home, because in the cold period they dry out for too long in loggias and balconies, and there is no certainty that after such drying they will not become even dirtier than before washing, soot. But in the apartment, too, you will not hang clothes in all rooms, so things are usually dried in the bathroom. And in order for them not to take up much space and dry faster, the clothes dryer, installed in the bathroom, is the best solution. But how not to get lost in the variety of offers and choose the one that would answer all the demands of the family and the owner herself? What are the dryers, where they can be placed and how many things they can withstand? These questions concern all who decide to install such a structure at home.

Ceiling mounted

Manufacturers have taken care of the usability of this design. It is equipped with several metal tubes, the number of which reaches eight pieces.With the help of a rope suspension, they descend one by one or all together and also rise, which is very convenient.dryer for the bathroom photo

The main advantage of the dryer is that it does not occupy a living space, it is height adjustable, and the laundry on it dries out faster because of the warm air gathering at the top. Such a structure can be installed in any part of the ceiling: above the bathroom - then drops flowing from things will fall directly into it, above the washing machine - in this case, hanging laundry will not in any way interfere with water treatment. The length of the tubes is adjustable depending on the size of the room. They can even be mounted on a suspended ceiling, you just need to first consult with a specialist, and if the ceilings are monolithic, then it will have to be fixed with anchor bolts.

This design fell in love with the housewives because of the comfortable operation and the ability to place on it more than 20 kg of washed laundry. What does a bathroom ceiling dryer look like? The photo above gives a clear view.

bathroom dryer


Such a clothes dryer, installed in the bathroom, reliable and convenient. On the folding base are parallel metal threads.The design is created according to the type of ironing board: it is easy to fold and fold, and in this form it takes up very little space in the apartment. Its advantage is that the area for drying is large enough, and you can place a large amount of linen on it. Another advantage is mobility: if someone from the family decides to wash, then it will not be too difficult to move it into the room. Now there are new modifications, resembling the shelves, they fit even more laundry. But there is a drawback: such designs attract little children very much. They can pull off the drying laundry and knock the dryer over. Therefore, if she moved from the bathroom to the living area, it is better to put her in a separate room and close the door.

Wall-mounted laundry dryer

This kind of dryer is an excellent choice for small rooms and for families with children of pre-school age. There are three types:

  1. Shtangovaya. The principle of its work is similar to the ceiling, but the device itself is fixed on the wall. The rods also fall to the desired level, and then come back. These dryers are also suitable for clothes, which must be dried when folded to avoid stretching.
  2. Rope.This is the most common form of dryers and the simplest of all the proposed designs. It is installed permanently, and the inconvenience is that if you hang it high, you will have to stand on a dais for hanging clothes, and if you put it low, you will have nowhere to turn around in a close bathroom, which creates additional difficulties. It is possible to place a maximum of 7 kg of linen on 6 lines. If there is no mechanism for tightening the ropes, then over time they may sag. But there are also complicated devices: a drum regulating the tension of the threads is hidden in a plastic case. But such material is fragile and breaks down quite often, although there are also imported counterparts from high-quality material.wall-mounted laundry dryer
  3. A cantilever clothes dryer for a bathroom resembles a metal accordion; it is mounted on the wall with brackets and, if necessary, is pushed forward from half a meter to 120 cm. The strongest structures are able to withstand 10 kg. It is convenient to use it in a room with limited space, but it is better to dry small and children's things. It is made of aluminum, it looks original, but you can hang out linen a little, and the quality of cheap copies leaves much to be desired.


If there are many family members, an electric bathroom dryer-perfect option. It is, of course, not cheap, but at the same time the linen on it will dry almost instantly. Yes, and you can significantly save on installation: usually the manufacturer supplies the buyer with detailed instructions, even with step-by-step photos, but caution does not hurt here - after all, electricity requires increased attention. In appearance, the design resembles a heated towel rail with wire. Such dryers are compact when assembled.clothes dryer in the bathroom

When installing the structure, it is advisable to take into account that it must be located far from the source of moisture in order to prevent splashing on it. The distance from the floor is not less than 20 cm, and 75 cm from the furniture. The socket should be placed in a safe place, but not above the dryer, since the fumes from the drying laundry rush upwards.

The advantages of this design are indisputable: the laundry dries several times faster; if the heating is already turned off, it can warm the bathing room of the baby; indispensable for poor ventilation and dampness.

Other species

You can buy a device consisting of a frame with slats or ropes, which is placed directly on the bath. It is good because water from wet things does not drip onto the floor.But the laundry dries for a long time, and it will be problematic to use the shower, and the stability of the structure is not important.

The dryer attached to the battery, of course, allows you to dry the laundry in a short time, provided heating is on, but not all bathrooms have batteries, so they are also often attached to the bath itself, which is very inconvenient: movement is restricted, use of the shower is difficult.

There is still a salefolding clothes dryer, installed in the bathroom. Hercanfasten to the window or door. It is small, and the linen on it will not fit much, but such a design helps out in tiny rooms of Khrushchev houses.

Which one to choose

So that the clothes dryer installed in the bathroom after the purchase did not disappoint, choosing it should take into account the characteristics of the room, the functionality of use, the amount of laundry to be washed, practicality, the quality of the material and the aesthetic demands of the hostess.

For small housing suitable ceiling and wall dryers. They will not absorb space and will allow optimal use of a small bathroom area. If the laundry is a little or things are washed for the baby, then cantilever dryers will do.

Floor construction is appropriate in a large bathroom, but if the room does not allow, then it can be transferred to the room.

The material from which the dryer is made is also important. Aluminum weighs little, is inexpensive, but one shouldn’t exclude the fact that they don’t last long: they often break, aluminum is a fragile metal and it bends under the weight of wet laundry. This is especially true of budget dryers made from this material.

Metal dryers should be chosen only with dusting, otherwise at high humidity they will become rusty. The practicality of such constructions ends as soon as the integrity of the coating is damaged. Rust stains appear on the tubes, which change over to the laundry and permanently damage it.

Stainless steel is one of the optimal materials for the dryer: it can withstand quite large loads, does not corrode and looks attractive.

Attention should be paid to small parts and accessories of the product: their reliability guarantees a long service life. Fastenings must be of high quality, strong loops, then the bathroom clothes dryer will last a long time, and you can be calm,that it does not fall from the wall or from the ceiling at the wrong moment. Its strings should be smooth and even, without burrs and chipping. Sometimes a responsible manufacturer adds dowels and screws needed to install the dryer in the kit, then there is no problem in independently selecting them for size.bathroom dryer

Regardless of which dryer for the bathroom will be chosen, in any case, it will quickly and efficiently solve the problem of drying things in the apartment and even decorate the room with interesting and unexpected design solutions.

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