Evgeny Rozanov, architect: biography, outstanding buildings

When you walk past a variety of outstanding structures, inadvertently comes the thought of who could create such a miracle. The architecture of Russia is truly unique and beautiful, a large number of people worked on its creation, but it is worth paying a great tribute to the architects who became the “fathers” of what surrounds us. In the postwar years, Russia had to practically re-build, and Yevgeny Rozanov took a considerable part in this difficult task. The biography of this great architect and a description of the most outstanding structures created by him are contained in our article.

Education Rozanov Eugene

Evgeny Grigorievich's youth had the most difficult times for Russia. He was born in 1925, November 8, in a family of ordinary workers. Nothing foreshadowed the lad of a grandiose future, he, like everyone, worked for the good of the country, witnessed industrialization.The Great Patriotic War found the young man at the age of fifteen, and he did not sit with folded arms, but went to work for the needs of the front at a car factory.

At the end of the war, he stood before the choice of the future profession of a young Rozanov Eugene. Education was necessary to get for later life, and the guy did not hesitate for a long time, he understood that it was necessary to rebuild the country destroyed by the war, and became a student of the Moscow Architectural Institute, having entered there in 1945.

The guy was lucky with the teachers, he got to study with prominent architects of that time, they were Chernysheva Zinaida Sergeevna, Krinsky Vladimir Fedorovich, Zakharov Grigoriy Alekseevich. These people taught Evgeny Grigorievich all the skills, made the necessary adjustments to his style of work.

Evgeny Rozanov

The first steps in the architectural work

Upon graduation, Evgeny Rozanov, whose biography is being described today, did not remain without work. He was one of the best students, and was the first to see the potential of a novice architect, Zakharov Grigory Alekseevich. The teacher invited a talented guy to work in his workshop and thus gave him a ticket to a great future.

In the workshop, Rozanov Evgeny Grigorievich worked for five years and during that time he became one of the most experienced architects in the country. This work gave a start to his subsequent projects, which the architect put into practice by working in Soyuzgiprotorg and Mosproekt. Also, Evgeny Rozanov became a teacher in the very institute where he himself once received an education. As a result, over ten years of hard work, the man was able to achieve universal recognition, he was entrusted with the most ambitious projects.

Evgeny Rozanov biography

The most famous monuments and monuments of Rozanov Eugene

Evgeny Rozanov created his first monument back in the early fifties, and it was intended for installation on the Novodevichy cemetery to Shchusev A.V. This work took part in the competition and won first place, but the monument itself was installed only five years later.

Later, his works included monuments to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin and his wife Natalia Goncharova, the 300th anniversary of the Navy in Russia, the troops participating in the air defense of the capital during the WWI (installed on the Sky Defenders Square), a monument in memory of the struggle of African peoples for liberation in Luanda the capital of Angola).In addition to Russia and Angola, the monuments of the work of Evgeny Rozanov can be seen in the CIS countries.

Each work of Rozanov emphasizes the majesty of man, he always sought to choose not the widest, but the most winning platform for his works.

Evgeny Rozanov Architect

Buildings and constructions

Outstanding facilities of Evgeny Rozanov are in many cities of Russia. During his long and productive professional activity, architect Yevgeny Grigorievich became the creator of more than forty residential buildings and various structures. In his track record is worth noting the stadium "Dynamo", designed for a five-thousand audience, and located on the street name Lavochkin. Also among the notable objects are thirty-storey buildings designed to unite the "Science" and become the start for the construction of Moscow's Vernandsky Avenue.

Evgeny Rozanov, an architect, became the creator of the Palace of Friendship of Peoples, took part in global works on the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. He became one of the people who did not remain indifferent to the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Tashkent, and with all the zeal he rushed to design Lenin Square.

Many large theaters of Khabarovsk, Kursk and Orel, huge concert halls of Kostroma and Rostov-on-Don, in Vladivostok and Voronezh, belong to his works. In other cities you can see administrative complexes and other facilities.

All works of Evgeny Rozanov are recognizable, he initially had his own handwriting. Favorite materials are concrete, practical metal. In all the buildings of this architect felt a considerable scale, the hand of man. All of them are practical and comfortable, have a unique appearance.

Rozanov Evgeny Grigorievich

Founder of the International Academy of Architecture

The architect founded this academy in the 2000s, he taught at it himself, and it continues to this day.

Yevgeny Rozanov was serious about the preservation and reconstruction of historical buildings, which are monuments. With his participation, Borovitskaya Square was restored, a Banking Business Center was erected on Ovchinnikovskaya Square.

This great architect worked for many years of his life on the town planning of the whole of our country and brought truly worthwhile projects to the existing ones, according to which the location of the objects became more comfortable and aesthetic.

During his life, Yevgeny Grigorievich wrote a lot of manuals and literature, which even today help young, novice architects to become professionals in their field.

Rosanov Eugene Education

Work Achievements

Evgeny Grigorievich was not only the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Art, but also a member of the Academy of Architecture in Paris. During his life, this man declared himself in many countries, participated and won in various architectural competitions, including international ones.

Rozanov became the People’s Architect of the Soviet Union, received many state awards and seven orders of distinction. He also has thanks for his hard work and great contribution to the country's architecture from the President of the Russian Federation.

outstanding buildings of Eugene Rozanova

The personal life of the architect

Being a famous figure throughout the country, Yevgeny Rozanov led an absolutely simple life. He was married to the restorer Aida Vasilyevna Ilyenkova, and his son grew up in a family.

This person, as a truly creative person, adored classical music and tried to attend concerts more often.

The architect spent his long life in his beloved, hometown of Moscow, where he was in a hurry to return from the next non-resident project.Here he died on the last day of October 2006.

This man has lived a bright and productive life. Heritage for posterity, in the form of a set of buildings and monuments of the second half of the past century, will remind you of the works and achievements of Evgeny Grigorievich Rozanov.

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