Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget

Tablet computer Explay Hit 3G - excellentThe newest device designed for active use is also used for web surfing, free communication, and navigation in the car. With it, you can watch movies in good quality and listen to music. A good dual-core processor allows the device to successfully cope with the tasks. The lightweight Explay Hit 3G housing will provide the convenience of traveling.

Explay Hit 3G

Large selection of connection for the tablet

One of the main features of this device -this is the presence of two SIM cards. The user can, in addition to using the fast 3G Internet, simultaneously speak on this seven-inch device, as on the phone. Also in the device there is Wi-Fi, a slot for a memory card with a capacity of up to 32 Gb, with which the tablet can hold many different information. The device is perfect for travel and travel: the mass of only 292 g, holds a good battery and is offered to those who often happen on the road. Two available cameras provide the possibility of video communication and simultaneous shooting of interesting frames.

Explay Hit 3G Features

Technical specifications of this device

If we consider Explay Hit in more detail3G, the characteristics of this device are: screen type - TFT, screen diagonal - 7 inches, support for multitouch, dual-core processor, RAM - 512 Mb. Built-in memory - 4 Gb. The device supports a microSD memory card up to 32 Gb, W / N / T - 119/192/9. Country of origin - China.

When the Explay Hit 3G tablet turns on, the first,which is evident - the desktop has a slightly unusual for Android view - without the due "Google", only "Yandex". Do not be upset about this, you can download the "Market". Also, without any problems, it is easy to install the Skype program, it is installed normally, as on similar tablets.

The first communication on Skype showed thatThe front camera perfectly copes and with small illumination - can offer moderately normal quality. Another video sensor removes quite decent for its class. During the connection of the tablet to the computer, a special icon is displayed, to copy all possible files, click "On." USB drive. " The sound in the conversation exceeded all expectations - audibility is excellent.

Explay Hit 3G: reviews and key features

Users' opinion about this gadget is mostlypositive. Most people are confused only by the fact that the device has too little memory - only 512 Mb. Also, some describe that the drawback is the charge of the battery - it lasts about 2 hours of active work. But basically for such a price people are satisfied with the device.

Explay Hit 3G reviews

The merits of this gadget can be attributedgood multimedia capabilities. Easily view photos, videos, pages of sites on the net, read e-books, work with texts. Serious drawbacks in Explay Hit 3G is almost not found. However, for serious games, this unit is no longer suitable. Excellent will help car enthusiasts as a GPS-navigator and DVR. The ability to connect an external webcam is available.

The company Explay is considered very worthy, in thisthe tablet combines both quality and many functions. What is the difference between this gadget? Available slots for two SIM cards. That's why you can easily use high-speed Internet, while talking as if on the phone. The gadget includes Wi-Fi, "Bluetooth", it is also nice having two cameras.

As we have already said, it is possible to expand the available memory card to 32 Gb, with it will be possible to store the greatest amount of information.

The seven-inch TFT display allows for a largecomfort to use a lot of applications. The cost of this tablet does not talk about beyond the possibilities. To save has turned out on many things, but thus the excellent functional prevails, and it can be considered one of the main pride of the device. And there is no reason to make any claims to this manufacturer. The device is considered a universal gadget with a wide functionality and reasonable cost. In this gadget there is OS - "Android 4.2". The transfer of any data in this tablet works "perfectly". With the ease of connecting Wi-Fi, with a very long surfing in the network failures are not detected.

Tablet computer Explay Hit 3G: instruction

The user manual for this gadget is very modest - it is available in the form of a small leaflet, and all the information contained therein was given above.


Explay hit 3G instructionImpressions this tablet leaves a verypositive - the case is thin, and the gadget itself is light, the device looks like a big smartphone. Of the minuses there is only a small memory and display, but it almost does not cause any censures.

In conclusion, let's say a few words about the manufacturerdevice. Explay is a Russian supplier of digital devices. The enterprise has been working since 2005. The main activity is sale, as well as warranty service of various electronic devices. Products under the brand name Explay is distributed in the territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. The brand has a number of service centers.

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Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget Explay Hit 3G: a description of the gadget