FAW Besturn B50: reviews and specifications (photo)

First Automotive Works (FAW) is the oldest automotive manufacturer in China, which has been operating since the last century. This plant was built in the 50-ies of the XX century with the help of Soviet specialists. Now FAW is the leading automotive manufacturer in China, which works closely with the German Volkswagen and widely exports its products around the world. One of such cars is a passenger sedan FAW Besturn B50. Reviews and a review of the car - later in this article.


The appearance of the Chinese FAW is quite impressive. But did the Chinese themselves manage to create such a car? Of course not. Italians have attached their hand to the development of the external appearance, and they, as we know, make the most beautiful cars in the world and constantly carry out orders from "General Motors", "Mercedes" and many other world manufacturers.faw besturn b50

But back to FAW Besturn B50. The appearance of the car is far from budget, but most importantly - there is no plagiarism. The front of the car has a stylish grille, powerful optics with a "sly look" and embossed wheel arches. The bumper with integrated fog lights successfully complements the look of the sedan. The hood visually seems very long, and the rear of the body - on the contrary, short. This effect was created thanks to the rounded roof, which makes the sedan design more aerodynamic. The windshield FAW Besturn B50 has a very large, which has a positive effect on the review for the driver.

The rear of the car is very simple: a straight boot lid, conventional optics and a bumper. Of course, the design FAW Besturn B50 can not be called masterpiece, but it looks very solid, original and attractive, which is necessary for an ordinary budget sedan.

Dimensions and capacity

The car has the following body dimensions: length - 460 centimeters, width - 178.5 centimeters, height - 143.5 centimeter.faw besturn b50 reviewsThe length of the wheelbase is 2675 millimeters. The capacity of the luggage compartment is very standard for cars of this class - 450 liters.


The sedan pleases with its bright and spacious interior. In the front there is a massive panel with smooth lines, as well as a multifunction steering wheel with remote control buttons. On the center console you can see a branded audio system with CD, MP3 and six built-in speakers around the perimeter of the cabin.

The instrument panel is very simple by today's standards. A distinctive feature of the "Chinese" is the red illumination of the scales and arrows, and the brightness level can be adjusted independently.faw besturn b50 price

The driver's seat is equipped with an electric drive and can be adjusted in eight different directions. The lumbar support roller also adapts to the anatomical features of the car owner. The front passenger seat has only a mechanical adjustment.

The second row of seats accommodates up to 3 adult passengers. Due to the well-thought-out design of the body, the passengers in the 2 series have plenty of legroom. The roof, despite its sloping shape, does not put pressure on the head. So the Chinese have given enough comfort and attention. Finally, speaking of the interior, I want to note the good sound insulation, which is so lacking in domestic cars.

FAW Besturn B50 - engine characteristics

Since the Chinese "Fav" was built on the platform of the Japanese "Mazda", the main engine of the sedan is the 1.6-liter petrol unit with an output of 103 horsepower. The same was installed on the car of the first generation Mazda 6. This unit with in-line cylinder arrangement is the same for all FAW Besturn B50 versions and versions. But the choice is given among the transmissions. So, the buyer can choose only six-step "mechanics" or 6-range "automatic". By the way, the latter has a convenient function of manual switching and is able to adapt to a specific manner of driving. There is an automatic transmission and a function of the sports mode.

What is most surprising, this motor is able to start with a half-turn at an air temperature minus 35 degrees Celsius. There are no problems with maintenance of the engine during operation of car owners do not mark.

Dynamic characteristics

Despite the fact that this sedan belongs to the European market for cars of class D, the car boasts a high dynamics of acceleration. So, a jerk from zero to one hundred is estimated in 12 with superfluous seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed of the "Chinese" is 190 kilometers per hour. For a sedan of this class this is a very good indicator of dynamics.

A few words about the economy

To say that this car consumes little fuel, it is impossible, however, in a mixed mode, the novelty spends no more than 8 liters of gasoline per "hundred". And this despite the fact that the curb weight of the sedan is almost 1.3 tons. Perhaps, if the line were replenished with diesel units, this figure would be a couple of liters less. But while in the Russian market we will be satisfied with the "Mazdov" engine.


The presence of electronics in cars of a budget class for today is far from uncommon. Moreover, with each year manufacturers complete their lineup with new and new electronic "bells and whistles".faw besturn b50 restylingThe Chinese car FAW Besturn B50 was not an exception. So, the budget sedan, regardless of the configuration, is equipped with an electronic device for controlling the braking system and the engine. By the way, in these developments the employees of the company Siemens took an active part. The electronic braking system was made by Germans from the firm "Bosch". The latter includes ABS and means that control the automatic distribution of braking forces. This electronics, according to the manufacturer, is very accurate and responsive. Proof of this - high speed processing of signals that come from ABS sensors (an average of 15 to 20 per second).

The running system of the car

Suspension on the sedan is independent, on double levers with stability stabilizer. Brakes - disc on all four wheels.

Finally, on the technical parameters it is necessary to state that with such characteristics the car can successfully compete with its main rival and the soplatform "Mazda 6".

How does the sedan behave on the road?

As the test drive showed, the Chinese novelty behaves very confidently on the road. With the dynamics of overclocking, "Fav" is very good. However, the lack of a wide choice of power plants (and as we noted earlier, there is only one four-cylinder unit in the line), makes buyers think about purchasing sedans of other models and brands. Of course, for a car weighing 1300 kilogram 103 horsepower - it's negligible power. However, the fact that the engine was designed by the Japanese, so, problems under the hood of FAW Besturn B50 will not be exactly. Interesting in practice was the use of a robotized automatic machine at 6 stages with the possibility of manual gear changes.faw besturn b50 specsBut what is most interesting, the difference between the dynamics of the car, equipped with "mechanics" and automatic gearbox, is practically none - both machines dial "a hundred" in about 13 seconds. Apparently, the Chinese engineers tuned the automatic transmission in such a way that it squeezed all the power out of the engine, providing the fastest possible acceleration of the novelty.

FAW Besturn B50 - price and completing

In the Russian market this car is offered in three trim levels: Modern, Deluxe and Premium. The basic equipment includes such options as:

  1. Air conditioning.
  2. ABS and EBD.
  3. Multi-function steering wheel with height adjustment.
  4. Electric windows for all doors.
  5. Parktronic.
  6. Signaling.
  7. Branded multimedia audio system.
  8. Alloy wheels.
  9. Frontal airbags.
  10. On-board computer.

For all this "good" will have to lay out an order of 549 thousand rubles. This set of options is very unusual for the initial configuration of a budget sedan.

In addition, there is a luxury version of "Premium". In addition to the standard equipment, it includes the following:

  1. Leather interior.
  2. Front and side airbags.
  3. Electrical adjustment of the driver's seat.
  4. Climate control.
  5. Bluetooth system.
  6. Tire pressure sensors and a full electropackage.

The price for FAW Besturn B50 (restyled 2013 year) in the luxury version starts with a mark of 669 thousand rubles.windshield faw besturn b50Why does it begin? Because for an additional fee the dealer can complete the car with the following list of options:

  1. Electroheating of the front seats.
  2. Built-in compass.
  3. Sunroof with electric opening / closing mechanism.
  4. Self-dimming rear-view mirrors, as well as many other options and equipment.car faw besturn b50

For each car, regardless of the accessories, the Russian dealer provides a warranty for 3 year or 100 thousand kilometers of mileage.

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