Fitness bracelet Sony SmartBand: review, functionality, connection, reviews

This article will review Sony fitness bracelets. In its first model, the manufacturer did not apply innovative developments, deciding to take a simpler path. It was implemented only basic functions. However, in combination with a well-known brand name and low cost, this was enough to start. After a successful debut, the company presented a more interesting model - SWR30. The main direction of the developers did not change, but added a number of technical innovations. It is impossible to say for sure that the Sony Smartband bracelets were able to completely overshadow their competitors, but they undoubtedly deserve the attention of customers.

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What does a Japanese company offer in their products? What design did she use? What opinion did consumers have about fitness bracelets? This is what we have to deal with.

Debut model

Let's start the review of fitness bracelets from Sony with an unpretentious model released in 2014. The gadget is a typical fitness bracelet with limited functionality. Compatible only with devices running on the platform "Android 4.4". Externally, this is a simple strap, which is decorated with the company logo. All electronics are masked in such a way that at first glance it is difficult to understand what kind of device it is. The undisputed advantage, according to the owners, is IP58 protection. Thanks to her core Core isolated from moisture and dust.

Silicone is selected as the material. It fits snugly to the wrist, but at the same time it does not hold down and does not press, which makes wearing as comfortable as possible. What can you say about the design? It is quite simple. On the front side of the strap there are diagonal stripes. Thanks to him, the surface turned out corrugated, but from a distance it is not noticeable. But belonging to the famous brand can only be recognized by the fastener. It is made of metal and looks very similar to the lock button in Xperia Z smartphones. You can adjust the size of the strap using nine holes. In practice, users claim that the Sony Smartband bracelet of the tenth model fits almost any hand.

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Core (main unit) is quite small, the body is plastic. Externally, it is not remembered. On one side of the case there is a power button and indicators, and on the other, a port for charging is displayed - microUSB. It is unlikely that a bracelet can be called stylish, a more precise definition for it is neutral. This allows it to be perfectly combined with any other decorations.

Characteristics of the model SWR10

As mentioned above, the Sony Smartband SWR10 does not have advanced functionality. The presence of the screen is not provided. To connect to devices, NFC and Bluetooth interfaces are used. LED type indicators - one-color. Available options: pedometer, accelerometer, vibration. The battery life is about 5 days. The mass of the device is 21 grams.

Feature Summary

Sony Smartband SWR10 synchronizes your data with smartphones based on Android 4.4. The user is available a certain list of functions. Lifelog is a program that compiles statistics on all activities during the day. In it you can view information about the effectiveness of training, the number of steps, time spent in a dream, cycling. If necessary, the user can record the route.The program allows you to add your favorite music tracks. When you activate the Life Bookmark function, you can save memorable moments from life in the event log, and the application automatically notes everything connected with it - videos, photos, or even a weather forecast for that day.

Getting to know Sony Talk SWR30 bracelet

In comparison with the first model of the fitness bracelet, the Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 looks more perfect. The first thing that catches your eye is the screen. On the side of the right side are two mechanical buttons. With their help, the user can control the "smart" gadget and adjust the volume. On the left side of the side of the developers have placed the speaker and microUSB connector, which is covered with a special cap. Of course, there is an external resemblance to the first model, but the plastic main unit in the SWR30 clearly stands out against the background of a single-tone strap. They did not hide him, as in the previous bracelet, but did, on the contrary, a “chip”. The strap attachment method remains the same. The diameter adjustment is comfortable. When wearing discomfort does not occur.

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The Japanese company has always been different devices with individual design. However, with the fitness bracelets for some reason this moment was missed.What are the reasons for this decision is not known for certain. But let's hope that soon the individual image will find a new model of the Sony Smartband family.

The instructions for the gadget says that it has a high class of protection - IP68. This makes the bracelet waterproof. Owners with it can dive to a depth of 1.5 m, which is an indisputable advantage. By releasing this model, the Japanese company was able to become a worthy competitor to Korean manufacturers. Note that the latter hold leadership for several years. The biggest achievement of Sony products has been the increased ability to combine with other devices. At the time of the release of the SWR30, such characteristics were innovative. However, the lack of access to the Internet did not allow to become a leader in the market of fitness bracelets.

Display Characteristics

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 significantly stood out from the rest of the models mainly due to the screen, made on the basis of E-Ink technology. Even with the fact that the backlight is not provided, the information on it is clearly visible. The shape of the display is elongated. This can be called both an advantage and a disadvantage. The bracelet has a high point density,however, the display of objects is somewhat blurred in the corners.

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The screen is energy efficient, supports touch input. The size, according to users, is chosen optimally - the diagonal is 1.4ʺ. Display type is monochrome. It has a resolution of 296 × 128 px. Per one inch the number of pixels is 192 ppi. In the bright sun, the image does not fade.

A few comments were made to the sensor of the Sony Smartband SWR30 fitness bracelet. Users pay attention to unstable work, and this leads to the fact that you have to repeat one action several times. Unfortunately, the protective plastic coating used in the bracelet is significantly inferior to glass analogues. It forms small scratches faster. There is one more thing that can be called a disadvantage: as the options change, the information disappears from the screen gradually. This is uncritical, but may cause discomfort in some cases.


The Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 bracelet has a wide range of options. For convenience, the user can customize them depending on personal preferences. For example, the time and distance will be displayed on the main screen, on the second you can set the statistics of the number of steps.For subsequent settings, you can choose not only information about physical activity, but also a music player.

I would like to dwell on the Voice Control function in more detail. It is designed to recognize voice commands. However, it was not useless to practice. The bracelet is focused on working with the English language, so the domestic buyer could not appreciate the innovation.

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Sony Smartband has useful extensions. We are talking about Weather (weather) and Calendar (calendar). Thanks to him, the current date is constantly displayed on the bracelet screen. Also, the user can always know the weather forecast. Unlike other brands, the owners of this model can receive information at once for several days in advance, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

Communication capabilities

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 Fitness Bracelet is compatible with gadgets based on the Android 4.0 platform. For synchronization, you can use the NFC and Bluetooth channels. With smartphones, the connection is very fast. The most important advantage that has pushed the predecessor to the background is the ability to receive calls and notifications.Thanks to this functionality, the device can rightly be called a wireless headset. When a call comes to the phone, the bracelet starts to vibrate. In order to answer it, it is not necessary to take out the gadget, but to talk through the bracelet, as it is equipped with a speaker and a microphone. As for SMS, there will be several restrictions. You can receive and view the message on the bracelet, but to send an answer you will need the main device.

Offline life

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 fitness bracelet has another significant advantage. We are talking about the duration of work without recharging. High results were achieved thanks to innovative screen technology. Its battery capacity is small - only 70 milliamps per hour.

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However, it works on a single charge for up to 4 days. During use, the owners noticed that the most battery life is spent when synchronizing with a smartphone.

What users did not like?

When reviewing user opinions, it turned out that Sony Smartband bracelets have flaws. It is worth noting that their number does not overshadow the advantages, but the importance can spoil the positive impressions.Web reviews often say that there is an acute shortage of backlighting. There are no problems in the bright sun, but in a dark place this gadget becomes completely useless. Also, users were upset by the lack of a heart rate monitor. And the largest number of comments received a plastic screen coating, which weakens the sensitivity of the sensor and quickly becomes damaged.

Positive feedback on Sony Smartband

Why praise this bracelet? The first thing that performed flawlessly - design. It is both simple but elegant. Not bad implemented ergonomics and functionality. As for the latter, the developers used everything that a person really needs. Basic fitness track options work flawlessly. And the ability to use the bracelet as a wireless headset caused a flurry of positive emotions among customers.

How to connect Sony Smartband?

Special knowledge and skills to connect the bracelet is not necessary, even a schoolboy can handle it. As mentioned above, for this you can use NFC or Bluetooth. In the first case, the connection is made if you attach the device to the top of the back of the smartphone with the option turned on. You may be prompted to install the SmartBand Talk.Through him spend a quick setting of the bracelet. Detailed instructions to the program are displayed on the first launch. If this application is already on your phone, the Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 will connect automatically.

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To synchronize via Bluetooth, physical contact of devices is not necessary. Simply activate the function and start the search. Once the gadget is found, you can connect to it.

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