Gas boilers "Lemax": reviews and recommendations

Boiler equipment for gas today receivedwide use. Almost half of all purchased devices for heating of this type operate on gas. This is due to the fact that this type of fuel is the most effective and cheap. That's why on the market you can find different models of gas boilers. Among them are those that are represented by Lemax.

gas boilers "Lemax", reviews

Reviews about the features of the boilers of the Premium series (7,5-60)

If you are interested in gas boilers Lemax,reviews about which you can read in the article, it is important to pay attention to the technical specifications. For example, the models of the series mentioned above are made of high-quality 2-mm steel, which is distinguished by its high flatness. The heat exchanger has a cylindrical shape, which, according to customers, allows the equipment to operate in closed systems with a pressure of 2 atmosphere.

Due to the fact that in the manufacturing processproducts are covered with anti-corrosion enamel, the temperature of exposure to them can reach 750 degrees. Buyers are also attracted by treatment with inhibitory compounds. It should also be noted that the heat exchanger is protected from aggressive factors like mineral oils and salt solutions.

boiler lemaks reviews and recommendations

Reviews about the characteristics of the boilers of the Premium series (7.5-60)

Choosing boilers gas "Lemax", reviews you shouldread in advance, perhaps they will allow you to make the right choice. Owners of private houses and out-of-town buildings note that Lemax represents for sale boilers of the expanded line of capacities. This parameter varies between 7.5 and 60 kilowatts. You do not have to worry about the safety of the equipment, as it is equipped with a protection system against overheating, soot formation and interruption of traction. Owners of such devices can not face the problem of blowing a flame.

Consumers choose units of Lemaxbecause of the ease of maintenance. During operation, it is possible to conveniently clean the boiler, since the construction uses an upper removable panel. Gas boilers Lemax, whose reviews are only the most positive, are equipped with an innovative system responsible for safety, which completely eliminates the overheating of the heat exchanger.

gas boiler Lemax Premium 12 5

Reviews about the positive features

Users who used to purchase gasboilers, note that the products of the company "Lemax" is characterized by the maximum coefficient of efficiency, which is provided by a change in the design of the turbulator. This makes it possible to delay the waste gases that have a high temperature. Among other things, efficiency has increased due to the use of a more impressive heat exchange area. The manufacturer introduced a system of increasing secondary and primary airflow. To all other positive features, we can not but add a three-year guarantee for heating boiler equipment, which indicates a high quality of the units.

review about gas boiler floor

Recommendations for power selection

If you are interested in gas boilers Lemax,reviews about which you can read in the article, it is necessary to understand the criteria for choosing such equipment. First of all, you should pay attention to power. This parameter will depend on the heating area, which is true for consumers who want to purchase a device for a private home. If we are talking about urban development, the ceiling height in which is less than 3 meters, then one kilowatt will be enough for 10 square meters of area. The result should be divided by 10, and then rounded up. Base capacity should be increased by an average of 25%, only in this way you will be able to create an effective heating system in the house. After determining the capacity, you can purchase a boiler "Lemax". Reviews and recommendations about it will allow you to understand which model is best to give preference.

gas boiler Lemax 12 5 reviews

Additional tips for choosing

If you live in a house, the heat loss of whichlarge, then the required power should be increased by another 25%. Alternatively, it is possible to deal with thermal insulation. Many consumers are wondering how much hot water can be obtained from the operation of boilers of different capacities. If this parameter does not exceed 15 kilowatts, then the equipment can provide two-room apartment with heating and hot water.

When there are 2 people living in the house, they will be12 liters per minute is enough. This should be the performance of the device. Gas boiler "Lemax-Premium 12.5" is suitable for a family of 4 people, where the average water flow is 15 liters per minute. But it is best to choose a device whose power is 25 kilowatts. Prefering a household model, you can expect a maximum of 40 kilowatts, this is already 20 liters per minute, and the heated area is up to 200 square meters.

gas boilers lemaks leader reviews

Reviews about the boiler "Lemax 12.5"

If you are interested in the gas boiler "Lemax12.5 ", reviews about which it will be useful to read before making a purchase, you need to know about its characteristics. This equipment is non-volatile, and its capacity is 12 kilowatts. The heat exchanger is made of high-strength steel, which is very popular with consumers, and the camera has an open design. Pay for the device will have 17,300 rubles. This floor equipment is characterized by a nominal heat output of 12.5 kilowatts.

Experienced homeowners emphasize thatthe efficiency for such equipment is quite impressive, it is 90%. If you read the review about the gas boiler floor, you can understand what gas consumption you expect. In this case it is 0.75 cubic meters.

The boiler room must be designed for installationsuch a device, that's why the dimensions of 744 x 416 x 491 millimeters will be important to the consumer. To bring the unit into the house you can independently, having secured the help of the household, since its weight is only 52 kilograms.

Reviews about the boiler brand "Leader"

Recently, gas has been gaining popularityboilers "Lemax-Leader", reviews about which are only positive. This series is completed with a heat exchanger, which is made of quality gray cast iron. According to users, this part of the design is specifically designed to exclude the occurrence of corrosion. Having considered the ruler "Leader", you can understand that it is represented by models of different power, this parameter varies from 16 to 50 kilowatts. Thus, the equipment can be installed in a room of 500 square meters or less.

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