Gel "Baziron AC": price, reviews. Analog "Baziron AC" is cheaper

The appearance of acne has long been not onlya teenage problem. In adulthood, men and women, unfortunately, also find acne on their face. This often causes self-doubt, which affects not only your personal life, but also your career. In the pharmacy there are various drugs, for example, "Basiron AC" (analog). Cheaper and faster to buy a cream, and the rash will disappear after a couple of weeks, you think and are very mistaken. About the causes of acne and the most effective means of reading in our review.analogue of basrimones is cheaper


  1. Hormonal restructuring occurs in the body in several cases: during puberty, in the premenstrual period, because of the abolition of birth control pills and pregnancy.
  2. Hormonal failure - disruption in workadrenal glands, pituitary gland, male and female genital organs. In this case, "Metrogil" or other analog "Baziron AC" (cheaper or more expensive - it does not matter) affects externally, but it is beyond his power to regulate the endocrine system.
  3. Weakened immunity and stress. Because of overexertion, adrenaline is released, which, in turn, increases the production of the hormone androgen, which is the cause of the appearance of acne.
  4. Heredity.
  5. Wrong care. Even healthy skin needs care, otherwise it is impossible to preserve beauty and youth. Peeling and cleansing of the face were not invented for the sake of pumping money. These procedures are really necessary for our skin.
  6. Reception of medicines.
  7. Low-quality cosmetics. The cheaper lipstick or face cream, the worse the composition. If the list of ingredients has lanolin or its derivatives, then its use will necessarily cause blockage of pores.
  8. Our hands. A million times you've heard that pimples can not be squeezed out on their own. This process should occur in a sterile environment, because otherwise there is a risk of infection. Also, do not touch your face with your hands again.baseron analogue cheaper
  9. Malnutrition and GI disease. With a deficiency of amino acids or an excessive amount of carbohydrates, the sebaceous glands can also produce too much sebum. Here is a small list of products, which it is better to refuse altogether:
  • sweet and flour;
  • coffee with sugar;
  • ice cream, milk and cheese with a high percentage of fat;
  • nuts;
  • alcohol, carbonated drinks;
  • chips and croutons.

"Baziron AS"

The most popular drug fortreatment of acne eruptions is "Baziron AS". Analogues on the composition are presented on the market in a small amount, so it is the product of the French pharmaceutical company Galderma that is most effective.

Gel "Baziron AS" is of three types, depending on the concentration of the active substance: 2.5%, 5% and 10%. The stronger the acne, the higher the benzoyl peroxide content in the gel.

analogue of basrimon ac reviews

It is very important that benzoyl peroxide actslocally. After applying the gel, the active ingredient is converted to benzoic acid, which penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Then it is absorbed into the blood vessels and is excreted unchanged together with the urine. In other words, there is no question of any cumulative effect or effect on the whole organism.

Before the course "Baziron AS" instructionand the list of contraindications should be studied very carefully in order to avoid undesirable consequences, because often buyers write about the occurrence of an allergic reaction.


Talented marketers talk about the effect that no analogue of Baziron AC can match. The cheaper drug should not be looked for, because the gel has a huge spectrum of action:

- Treatment of acne, comedones and acne;

- antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect;

- regulation of tissue nutrition;

- improvement of blood circulation and wound healing;

- reduction of fat content of the skin.

When carrying out the treatment course, it is necessary to correctly dose "Baziron AS". Instructions for use, customer reviews and recommendations of cosmetologists will help in the fight for healthy skin.

Strict control

There are several rules that must be strictly observed:

  1. The gel is applied once or twice a day to the previously cleaned and dry skin with a thin layer.
  2. During treatment, alcohol-containing cosmetics should not be used.
  3. Apply "Basiron AC" best three months.
  4. The drug can be used alone or in complex therapy for the treatment of acne of medium and high severity.
  5. Avoid contact with mucous membranes.
  6. Do not apply gel on damaged skin, and in case of irritation immediately stop using "Basiron AC".

Analogues are cheap, reviews about which alsoexist, have only a somewhat similar composition and spectrum of action. However, their main difference is low efficiency. The cost of the "Basiron AC" means an average of 600-700 rubles. Other gels and ointments containing benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient are sold at a higher price ("Eklaran" or "Effezel"). As for domestic pharmaceutical companies and the popularity of "Basiron AS," it's still not possible to create a Russian analogue.basrison


No less popular means in the fight againstacne is a lotion from the Canadian manufacturer "Ugresol" - in composition analog "Baziron AS". Cheaper or more expensive? This is difficult to judge, because it is almost impossible to find this drug on sale.

Buyers note an excellent cleansing and antibacterial effect. "Uggesol" effectively reduces the production of sebum and fights with subcutaneous pimples at the stage of maturation.

Dermatologists talk about "Ugresol" as a powerfulmeans, before which application it is desirable to consult with the doctor. During the course of treatment often there is dryness and peeling of the skin - in this case a good moisturizer is useful.

The search continues

We know that it's wrong to talk only aboutbenzoyl peroxide as the only effective anti-acne. There are many drugs based on other active ingredients, which can also be considered as an analogue of "Basiron AS". Reviews are very often praised by another drug from the already known to us firm Galderma.

Vitamin A, or retinoic acid is also consideredA good remedy for combating acne. In the composition of the drug "Differin" the main ingredient is adapalene - a derivative of vitamin A. The product is available in two forms: cream and gel.

What can "Differin":

  1. Cure acne.
  2. Get rid of the black points.
  3. Hide traces of scars.
  4. Reduce sebum secretion.

Sudden aggravation

Experts Galderma advise to apply the drugthin layer on the cleansed skin once a day before bedtime. Improvement of the skin condition is guaranteed after three months, in rare cases, the positive effect is manifested in the first weeks of use.basidon analogues in composition

Often, customers note deterioration: The amount of pimples increases, the skin begins to dry strongly and peel off. Indeed, all this takes place to be, and a warning can be found in the instructions. The fact is that the skin needs to get used to the components of "Differin". After the stage of exacerbation, which can not be avoided at all, you will see noticeable improvements - you just have to be patient.


Oily seborrhea, rosacea, acne, eczema andseborrheic dermatitis - can cope with this can "Metrogil" based on metronidazole. Quite often doctors appoint this analog "Baziron AS", which is cheaper to find. The cost of the drug varies in the range of 130-200 rubles.

Sometimes "Metrogil" is used in complex therapy. Except in cases of allergies, the gel does not cause dryness or discomfort. In addition, the instructions indicate that the drug is powerless, if the cause of acne is a subcutaneous mite.baseron a instruction analog

Feedback on this drug is prettycontradictory. There are people who "Metrogil" helped to cope with acne. However, most point to its uselessness. The gel is not suitable for the treatment of acne in the long term, because it can be addictive.

Dermatologist's opinion

According to world standards, the first drugsfor the treatment of acne are those that contain derivatives of vitamin A: "Differin", "Adaklin", "Clenzite". Retinoids help regulate the production of sebum, accelerate the synthesis of collagen and help exfoliate the upper layers of the skin. With a mild acne, azelaic acid, zinc and benzoyl peroxide ("Baziron AC") can also be effective.baseron analogues cheap reviews

Instruction, analog and list of active components- it is important to understand the mechanism of action of the drugs, but all the information in our review is only for informational purposes. No authors of articles or advisers in numerous forums can appoint you such tools, however, like yourself. It is best to contact a qualified technician. Be attentive when visiting paid clinics - often for the sake of personal benefit, doctors prescribe expensive drugs without the necessary tests and finding out the cause of this skin condition.

"Differin", "Metrogil", "Basiron AS", analogcheaper or more expensive - the self-selected remedy is able to give a quick effect, but to give health and beauty help consultation with a dermatologist and properly selected complex of treatment with the further use of quality cosmetics.

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