Geranium: Home Care and Breeding Tips

Geranium is an amazing plant

It is difficult to call another family of plants (geranium flower), the care for which would be simple, and the type of flower so fantastically bright and attractive. It blooms throughout the summer and gives so many different variations of color shades that there are few competitors for it. It is impossible to remain indifferent, seeing garden beds or hanging flower pots in which geranium grows. Care at home is not difficult, but still has a number of secrets that are worth discussing in order to succeed.geranium care at homeThe following varieties of geranium are known:

Conditions of detention

  1. Illumination. If you decide to start a geranium, care at home will begin with choosing a place for the plant. The more light you can provide your flower, the more it will delight you with beauty. Even direct sunlight will not be as disastrous for him as the lack of good light.
  2. Watering.Do not allow water to stagnate in the soil, watering geraniums regularly and abundantly. It does not need air humidification or spraying. However, it is necessary to ensure good drainage at the bottom of the pot so that the root system does not rot.
  3. The soil. As in the case of irrigation, there are no clear restrictions on the composition of the land in which geranium will grow.

flower geranium care

Care and reproduction

Comfortable conditions for plant growth are guaranteed by periodic feeding. Universal ready-made fertilizers for flowers are used monthly during the flowering or active growth period. Fresh organic fertilizers are not suitable for feeding geraniums. How to ensure that plants have more dense flowers and leaves? It is necessary to stop the growth of geraniums upwards (“stretching”), forcing it to branch lower. To do this, do not forget to remove the growing tip between the two upper sheets. Such an operation contributes to the fact that the plant will produce more stems on which the flower is formed. It is easy to pin the geranium either with the tip of a sharp knife, or with the help of the index and thumb. It is best to do this at the beginning of the life of the plant, but never too late in the future.

Flower propagation geranium

geranium care and reproductionCare at home requires not too high temperature, humidity in the winter, sufficient illumination and optimal irrigation. This flower does not have a time of so-called dormancy and therefore can breed throughout the year. In winter, you can cut the cuttings and root them in specially prepared soil - by the spring you can get more new plants to decorate the front garden or window sill. This approach contributes to an earlier start of flowering geraniums, and this is a great advantage. There are also other ways: reproduction by seeds, division of the rhizome bearing a kidney into two parts.

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