What girls are better guys?

Few married couples who live the entire conscious family life, never quarreling. In this case, many believe that the key to a good marriage is a patient man who tolerates all the imaginable and inconceivable vagaries of his wife. However, is this really the case? Does the whole responsibility really lie with a man and why are girls better than guys? Let's try to figure it out.


Girls, by their nature, are very capricious and unrestrained, and guys, on the contrary, try to keep their emotions in their fists, for this reason they have heart attacks and strokes more often in their old age than women. This is exactly the first plus to be born a girl. Women live longer than men for several decades. The reason for this lies not in the fact that now the environment is bad enough, but in the fact that women are more emotionally experiencing all their failures and trying to throw all their emotions out. It is this kind of emotional relief that helps rid the body of negativity and prolong a woman’s life.By accumulating his negative emotions in himself, a man consciously shortens his life. To avoid early demise, psychologists advise the stronger sex to acquire an appropriate hobby that would help to throw all emotions out: for example, watching football matches.

Feelings and emotions

Men perform most of their actions intelligently, guided by their thoughts and the proper work of an organ such as the brain. As for girls, they are very often influenced by their emotions, which are simply unrealistic to control. That is why women are so highly developed intuition, which often saves and leads out of difficult situations unharmed.

Women and girls, by nature, are unpredictable creatures. They very often try to look much dumber than they really are, and all in order not to detract from the influence of men. Girls behave much more cunning than it seems, and all in order to make a man feel close to them. The next thing any woman surpasses for a man is appearance. The female body is designed in such a way that the hair follicles are located in much smaller places on the body than in a man. Thus, girls don't need to shave at all to be beautiful and well-groomed.That's why girls are better than guys.


The next thing that distinguishes boys from girls is upbringing. Not a single well-bred girl in a difficult situation will say an ugly or obscene word, but a man - easily. Sometimes it’s not even upbringing, but in the social environment in which he is constantly. Take, for example, men who support a favorite football team, in their company to speak with strong words about the enemy is not only considered the norm, but even encouraged.

In the life of a man, any event is too simple and monotonous. For example, going to the store to shop. A woman will surely methodically go around all the departments and choose. In her opinion, all the most important, interesting and necessary. As for the man, he spends no more than 10 minutes on a regular trip to the supermarket. No matter how we differ from each other, this is what brings us together, which is why the bad guy and the good girl create an exemplary family and live a long and happy life together.

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