Good signs in Russia

At all times people dreamed of looking into the future andlearn about what they have to get a clue how to act. Well, and comparing these clues and the following events, they developed the so-called good signs.

To be able to unravel their meaning is to understandthe wisdom of generations, to be able to control one's destiny with the help of small tips, to learn observance and eventually get a good harvest, a quiet life, prosperity in the home or good health. Of course, you can laugh at grandmother eccentricities, but it's so wonderful that there are good signs in the world, and therefore, with their help you can tune in to positive things and eventually attract good luck.

Wedding signs

The most favorite signs for girls are wedding. Who of the American bridesmaids did not dream of catching her bouquet, so that at the next wedding already be the main character? And in Egypt, the young newlyweds want as many young guests as possible to get to her knees - which means that she will have many children. Even more interesting are the wedding signs in Russia. Brides necessarily take with them to the ceremony something blue, old and strange. Blue, like a cloudless sky, symbolizes tranquility.good signs

Strangers can also be a handkerchief taken from my mother, andhairpin girlfriend - they promise a connection with loved ones, their participation. And the old is, for example, antique jewelry or a vintage handbag. They guarantee the support of ancestors, kind. It is also desirable that the bride cry a little at her wedding - this also promises a successful marriage. If a girl or woman starts clapping a door loudly or only light or dark threads often stick to her clothes - these are also good signs that promise an early engagement.

Signs about the weather

A lot in Russia was and will accept, related to the weather. After all, meteorological and agricultural forecasts were built on them. However, even today, many citizens prefer to rely on the ancient experience, and not on the words of a television announcer. Basically, of course, such signs speak of approaching rain, but there are good signs. People's observations, for example, say that the cold long spring promises a warm dry autumn. And after an abundant stargazing, nature will long indulge in warm dips.

Signs that promise prosperity

And, of course, we can not but hope thatconscientious work and frugality will be rewarded. So, there are good signs that promise and an increase in wages, and just a comfortable life. It is very good to wear an old coin in a purse - it will necessarily draw to itself other money. Will draw a lot of money and a bill invested in a purse, which is given from the heart. The salary received should not be spent on the same day, the salary must be overnight in the house, then it will be enough for the whole month. Who among us has not read about Sleeping Beauty or Tsarina Shipovnicek? But prick with a needle or spindle - these are good signs in Russia, which promise not only praise, but also a more substantial reward.good signs in Russia

Signs related to the holidays

Our distant ancestors believed that holidays neededhold not only fun, but also right, so that the following months are also successful. So, for Christmas, it was advisable to go on a visit in pairs: two guests who went into the hut, promised the hosts peace and harmony in the family. To the sheep gave a large litter, the first guest at Christmas was put on a fur coat.

Before Easter, it is good to wash everything in the house with water,which is money - then the family will be prosperous. If on Good Friday to look out the window and first see the cat - this is for profit. A man or a young girl - to the well-being in the next 3 months, the family - to the fret in the house, the birds - to the pleasant news.what are good signs

Animals that bring luck

So all the same, what are the good signs? What should I pay attention to not miss my Firebird?

We are all a little afraid of the black cat, but ourthe ancestors left us many more signs related to our smaller brethren who bring good luck. So, it is very good to find a horse horseshoe, which is also desirable to nail over the door. In such a house will always prosper! It is also very good to keep a picture of a pet, especially a rooster, in the dwelling, because this bird is a real talisman, which scares away the evil spirit.good signs of folk

Other happy signs

It is difficult to enumerate all spheres of human life, andhence, the signs associated with them. But we can not help remembering that our ancestors noticed that a son who was born like a mother, and a daughter - on his father, will necessarily have a happy fate. Also, happiness is promised and numerous birthmarks on the human body. It is advisable to start an important business as soon as possible - the first ray of the sun, which touched the work, will make it easy and profitable. To get up necessarily it is necessary with the right foot - then the day will be necessarily successful. To luck even stumble with the right foot.

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