Herb initial medicinal: useful properties, use and contraindications

Initial letter medicinal belongs to the family Sponge Flowers. This is a herbaceous perennial plant. Often it is called concrete, letter, forty-toothed, field sage. The ancient Greeks used this plant for medicinal purposes, often the root. It causes vomiting, so the Greeks cleaned the stomach with it. They considered the initial letter as the best laxative and blood cleanser. But Dioscorides in general believed that the herb was medicinal - it is a universal therapeutic agent.


The plant belongs to the perennial stiff-haired. It has a fibrous, sheer and short root. The stem is erect, non-branched, hairy. In height can reach 80 centimeters. At the top of the stem, the initial letter has no leaves, they are concentrated at the roots and collected in a rosette.In stems, they are oblong-ovate, heart-shaped, slightly acuminate. Quite noticeable leaves have a capital letter medicinal. The venation is pronounced on the lower, lighter surface. And the upper side is dark and slightly hairy. The plant has an unpleasant and pungent odor that intoxicates and a pronounced bitter taste.initial letter

The initial letters of the drug pubescent and large flowers, which are collected in whorls and spicate inflorescences. They have calyxes of the correct form, five shortly hairy teeth. The corolla is most often painted in bright red color, much less often in a light, almost white shade. The initial letter blooms in early summer. She has a tetrahedral, oblong, dry convex fruit. There are brown, smooth, one-seeded nuts that lie at the bottom of the cup. It matures in early autumn. Most often, the plant propagates with the help of seeds, extremely rarely in a vegetative way.


We will answer the frequently asked question of readers: “Where does the medicinal drop grow?” You can meet it in Europe, in the Urals, in Western Siberia, Ukraine, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Prefers mountains and lowlands, hills, areas along the roads.For initial letter suitable loamy, slightly acidic soil of mixed and coniferous forests.

Chemical composition

The plant is a rather complicated composition - bitterness and tannins, stachydrin (betaine), which has hemostatic properties. In addition, it contains resinous substances, turitsin, betonitsin, organic acids, traces of essential oil and carotenoids.Herb initial medicinal

Beneficial features

For treatment, use the roots of the letter and the grass. Initial letter is distinguished by pronounced anti-inflammatory, choleretic and expectorant properties. Drugs, made on the basis of the letter, have a calming, lowering blood pressure, an analgesic effect. In addition, it speeds up the metabolism, improves digestion and blood circulation. It should be noted that in Russia the initial letter medicinal in official medicine is not used, and traditional healers use it very successfully.

For epilepsy, nervous excitability, migraines and dizziness, decoctions and teas from initial letters are used. Outwardly, it is used for washing for a long time non-healing purulent wounds, ulcers, for sinus and for a long time not passing rhinitis. With asthma and general weakness of the body, the initial letter has a strengthening effect.

Initial letter medicinal: application

From generation to generation, folk healers share the secrets of using this plant, which has astringent and wound-healing properties.

Drugs from its roots are used as an emetic and laxative agent. A decoction of the roots of the plant is used for disorders of appetite, colitis, gastritis, liver and kidney diseases, and nervous diseases.

 herb initial medicinal use [

Infusion, which is prepared on the basis of leaves and roots, treats sciatica, gout, neurosis and cystitis.

Herb initial medicinal use found as a normalizing metabolism and sedative. The letter has a hemostatic effect, so it stops uterine and pulmonary hemorrhage.

Preparation of therapeutic drugs from this herb is not too difficult. We will tell about some recipes.


It prepares quickly and easily. To do this, you will need a teaspoon of herb to fill in with boiling water (250 ml). Tea infused for fifteen minutes. After treating the composition, it can be used for ingestion or rinsing. You can use it three times a day for half a glass.

initial letter contraindications

Infusion of leaves

Take a tablespoon of dry raw materials and fill it with boiling water (250 ml). Let the composition infuse for an hour and a half, then it can be drained and taken three times a day (1 tbsp. Spoon) before meals. This infusion will help reduce blood pressure, calm the nerves. It can also be used as a remedy for dry cough.

Decoction of roots

Take 20 gramsroots (dry) and 200 ml of boiling water, put on a slow fire for twenty minutes. Strain the composition and take it one spoon (dining room) three times a day. This is a great laxative.

initial letter venation

Infusion of leaves and roots

For its preparation you will need a spoon (tablespoon) of the roots and leaves, taken in equal parts. They are poured with a glass of chilled boiled water. Two hours remedy infused in a cold place. After straining it is ready for use. Dosage - a tablespoon three times a day. This remedy has a choleretic effect.

plant initial medicinal [

Infusion of herbs

For the preparation of this composition, you will need grass letter. Its medicinal use consists in the use of decoction.

You need:

  • 2 tbsp. spoons of grass letter;
  • 200 ml of boiling water.

Raw materials pour boiling water and heated over low heat for five minutes. Then you need to let the medium brew for half an hour and strain it.After that, add 40 grams of port wine to the infusion. Single use - 70 ml three times a day. initial letter where grows

Infusion of flowers and powder from a cold

Jar (glass) on the third, fill the flowers with initial letters. Pour vodka to the top of the tank. The composition should be removed in a dark place. Means prepares two weeks. Strained composition is used for hypertension, disorders of the central nervous system, fainting. Dosage - twenty drops, which must be diluted in a small amount of water.

From the cold will help the powder made from the grass. Take the dried leaves of the letter, grind them into a fine powder and sniff. So once sniffed tobacco several times a day.

 plant initial letter

With nervous disorders

To prepare this composition you will need:

  • 2 pieces of grass letter;
  • 3 parts of thyme;
  • 2 pieces of oregano;
  • 1 part of Potentilla goose;
  • 1 piece of woodlouse;
  • 2 pieces of hops;
  • 2 parts of yarrow herb;
  • 2 pieces of sage.

All these herbs are well known. Collect them is not difficult. They need to mix well. Dessert spoon of dry mass pour 300 ml of boiling water. Leave the agent to infuse for half an hour and consume 50 ml four times a day. A full course of treatment is twenty-one days, then a seven-day break follows, after which the course can be repeated.

With increased acidity

The following decoction will help you with this ailment. Pour two tablespoons of the roots of the initial letter with milk (0.5 l) and boil for 30 minutes over low heat. Set aside for two hours, then strain and take 50 ml before meals three times a day.

Where else is the letter used?

  • The powder of this plant colors wool yarn in brown olive and grayish-red color.
  • In the fur production, tannins are used for tanning leathers.
  • The aboveground part of the plant is used as a flavoring in the alcoholic beverage industry.
  • Printers used to cut out light and strong letters and letters from wood.
  • It is used as feed for small cattle.
  • The plant is decorative, therefore it is used for decoration of lawns.

Veterinary use

Initial letter medicinal found use in veterinary medicine. The grass, boiled in milk, is given to cattle with intestinal inflammation, which is followed by eaten acute or poisonous grass.

Preparation of raw materials

The collection of raw materials is carried out on a dry and clear day, after the dew dries. When harvesting 10% of the plants should be left so that they poured out the seeds for further reproduction.

Grass placed in bags is not tight.Before drying, it is necessary to remove all yellowed leaves and plant parts damaged by insects. Dry the grass in a well-ventilated and slightly darkened room, tying it into loose bundles. You can scatter it in a thin layer, in the shade in the air or in the dryer (temperature 40–50 ° C). After drying, the plants should become brittle. Dry grass should have a weak aroma and bitter taste. Shelf life of raw materials for two years. At roots, the shelf life is longer - three years.

Initial letter medicinal: contraindications

Like all medicinal herbs, the letter has contraindications:

  • hypotension;
  • gastritis;
  • pregnancy;
  • vascular thrombosis.

And finally, I would like to once again tell our readers that the use of any medicinal herbs without prior consultation with the doctor is unacceptable. All of them, except for use, can cause great harm to the human body, so you should not self-medicate.

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Herb initial medicinal: useful properties, use and contraindications 61