Honey massage

Currently, many experts recommend honey massage as an effective therapeutic agent that can get rid of the mass of ailments. It was first held in Tibet, modern massage therapists use it in conjunction with Thai technicians. Independently used only in the treatment of serious diseases, when it is necessary to extract maximum benefits.

Honey massage: application in cosmetology

honey massage

For women, this procedure is a real salvation. Throughout her life, every woman tries to preserve the youth and beauty of her body. To do this, she is ready to try a lot of tools, including light plastic surgery. Honey facial massage allows for a long time to preserve the natural beauty without surgery. Significantly increases the tone of the skin, it becomes elastic and supple. But the decisive factor for women is the ability to quickly and effectively get rid of cellulite deposits. Indeed, honey contributes to the activation of blood circulation, due to which the process of burning excess fat and smoothing the skin is carried out.However, it is worth preparing for the fact that the procedure will be painful, especially the thrill in the first session.

Honey massage: medicinal properties

honey massage contraindications

In fact, any massage action favorably affects the well-being of a person. In this case, honey only contributes to a special effect due to the adherence of the hands of a specialist to the body of the client. In addition, this product has a unique effect on the skin, improving blood circulation in the tissues and muscles, which in turn enhances the nutrition of the internal organs. Thus, it would seem that a simple massage can have a powerful restorative effect. At the same time, do not forget about the bioactive properties of the product itself. As you know, honey affects the lymph flow, blood flow, contributes to the removal of toxins and other harmful substances from the body. In addition, honey massage strengthens and disinfects the skin, that is, acts as an antibiotic or antiseptic of natural origin. According to research results, bacteria do not survive in this product, not to mention reproduction.

How is honey massage performed?

honey facial massage

The duration of the procedure usually takes more than an hour.Particular attention is paid to problem areas and cellulite sites, as well as points that contribute to improving the tone of the body. Enough to carry out five procedures to feel a noticeable effect. However, it is better to develop a special program, for example, to attend the first five sessions every other day, then walk after two and three days. The maximum number of possible procedures is 20 sessions. A further increase does not make sense.

Honey massage: contraindications

For the most part, this type of massage can be done to absolutely everyone. The only exceptions are those who have an increased sensitivity to this component. It is also not recommended massage for people with cancer and children under two years. Pregnant at an early stage, this procedure is even useful, only to avoid the abdomen. In the later periods, only hands and feet can be massaged.

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