Honey saintsetovy. Properties, price

Dietary honey - a unique in its properties natural product, a real storehouse of vitamins and longevity, which can both support health and help cure many ailments.

Espartsetovy honey: general characteristics

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So, sainfoin is a honey plant, from the pollen of which honey is obtained, it belongs to the legume family and blooms in late spring-early summer, the flowering time is about three weeks. The salina has large red flowers, collected in cone-shaped inflorescences. This plant is spread both in the steppes of Ukraine, and in Russia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. True, this variety is not as popular on domestic expanses as in the countries of Western Europe, where honey has been appreciated for a long time, useful properties that it possesses.

sainfoin honey useful propertiesNot yet candied, “young” honey has a not too viscous consistency, it is transparent, yellow in color, a slight greenish tint is allowed. It smells of field herbs, pleasant aroma is added with light notes of a rose. Such an unusual smell is a kind of calling card of sainfoin honey.The crystallization of this variety is rather slow, individual fractions can form, the color also changes, it can be light and look like lard. So it turns white honey esparcetov, however, a slight yellowish shade is allowed.

Salmon Honey: Its Properties and Applications

sainfoin honey its properties and useAs described above, this variety has unique medicinal qualities, this is directly related to its chemical composition. Honey demarcated is unusually rich in natural enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. In particular, a rich enzyme composition can increase the intensity of metabolism, so it is recommended for people with metabolic and digestive disorders. Also honey saintsetovy saturated with vitamins C and A, compared with other varieties. Therefore, it is widely used for the treatment and prevention of colds, especially in the autumn-winter period. It is effective in nervous disorders, decreased performance, fatigue, insomnia, due to the high content of magnesium, which is indispensable in these conditions.

Salmon honey perfectly boosts hemoglobin and the general body resistance to infectious diseases, prevents capillary fragility,normalizes blood cholesterol levels. Traditional medicine considers this type of honey a good tool for the treatment of impotence, and this is a scientific explanation. The composition of espartsetovy honey includes substances that stimulate the production of male sex hormones. It is enough to mix 50 g of a curative product with 50 ml of freshly squeezed carrot juice and drink this mixture twice a day. The result is not long in coming! Also, this sort of honey is used to treat various gynecological diseases, moreover, it stimulates sexual desire in women.

Dietary Honey: External Use

sainfoin honey PriceDietary honey, the beneficial properties of which are unique, is used to treat all kinds of skin diseases. So, it helps with psoriasis, eczema, acne, and all thanks to its antibacterial qualities. Also, honey is used in the composition of compresses and applications for the treatment of bronchitis. It is indicated sainfoin honey and in various diseases of the oral cavity and gums - with stomatitis and gingivitis of various etiologies. In this case, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with an aqueous solution of honey (a teaspoon per cup of warm boiled water) for several days until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear.

Salmon honey: its properties and application in cosmetology

For a long time women use honey to make homemade cosmetics. So, it is enough to mix this unique product with one of such components as cottage cheese, egg yolk, natural oils, aloe juice or lemon - and in front of you there is an excellent means for skin and hair care that is not inferior to shopping analogues. Also, these compounds are used for massages and wraps, which can easily help get rid of a few centimeters in volume and cellulite.

Contraindications for use of esparceti honey

Of course, the benefits of esparceti honey for human health can not be overestimated, but there are a number of contraindications for its use. So, this type of honey is not recommended for people with diabetes, as it has a fairly large amount of sucrose. Also, this product can cause a strong allergic reaction, for this reason it should be carefully given to children under three years old, whereas it is not recommended for babies at all. Because of the danger of allergic reactions in a child, esparceti honey is not advisable to eat for nursing women, especially if the family has such a predisposition.It can not be attributed to dietary products, so it must be excluded from the diet of people suffering from excess weight. It is worth remembering that honey espartsetovy, like any other product of beekeeping, should not be heated to temperatures above 50 degrees, otherwise it can do more harm than good.

How to distinguish a fake

White honey sainfoinIt should be remembered that unscrupulous sellers often try to give out fake honey, which, of course, does not even have a part of the aforementioned useful qualities. Starch syrup is often given out as a medicinal product. In this case, a characteristic reaction with iodine, which, as is well known, when interacting with starch gives a blue color, will help to detect fake.

Unfortunately, sainfoin honey is not very common in the post-Soviet space: its price is quite high. However, recently his healing qualities have become popularized, and this unique product can be more and more often found at honey fairs and at specialized exhibitions. And that is great! After all, this healing gift of native nature can and should be used to the full,benefiting people’s health.

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