How and what winter tires to choose?

Each driver in his own way decides the question of how to choose the best tires for your car. More information about the types of tires you can learn from our article. It is important to remember that if you are irresponsible in choosing tires, this can cause a serious accident. To avoid this, always be guided by the golden rules of buying winter tires.

Golden rules for buying rubber

  1. There are no absolutely universal tires! Properly selected winter tires should be used in certain operating conditions, and not only in temperature conditions.
  2. It is worth remembering that no matter what quality winter tire you choose, it will not allow you to keep your summer style in winter. This means that in winter, the speed of the car should be on average 20% less than in summer, and the distance should be twice as much.

In addition to the above, there are a number of important points that cannot be neglected when choosing winter tires.

Key points when choosing rubber

  1. We choose only from the permitted number of tire sizes for our rims.
  2. We prefer the reinforced sidewall.
  3. We select tires, taking into account the weather conditions of our region.
  4. Take into account the quality of pavements.
  5. It is recommended to choose winter tires with spikes for regions with a mild winter and without spikes during severe snowy winters.

Next, we will give specific tips and recommendations about the most famous brands of winter tires.

Recommendations for brands of winter tires

As already noted, the choice of tires is influenced by weather conditions. Therefore, if you ride on the icy ice roads, then you should opt for Finnish studded Nokian tires. In the conditions of southern slushy mild winter, tires of Italian, French or Japanese manufacturers (Pirelli, Michelin, Yokohama) will be optimal. If you want to save money, you can buy rubber budget tire brands like Dunlop, Hankook or Kumho. It may be a little faster to wear and somewhat losing in terms of safety.

And finally, let's see what is the difference between winter tires and summer tires, and why you cannot use one set of tires throughout the year.

The difference between winter and summer tires

At first glance, it seems that the main difference between winter and summer tires is in the tread pattern. This is definitely the place to be. And more about the types of tread you can learn from our article - How to choose winter tires. But, anyway, the most important difference is the special chemical composition, which allows the material not to crack, not harden and not lose its qualities at low temperatures. Consequently:

  • At temperatures above + 5 ° C, summer tires should be used, since winter tires literally melt before our eyes and at the same time do not guarantee the stability of the vehicle on the road. About what summer tires are better, you can learn in the material - What a good tires;
  • At temperatures below -5 ° C, it is recommended to use a special winter tire set, since summer tires are woody under such conditions;
  • Between -5 ° C and + 10 ° C it is best to use all-season tires.

To choose the right winter tires, you have to spend a certain amount of your time and take into account all the nuances! Some listen to advertising offers, others learn the opinions of sellers, others read reviews on the Internet, there are even those who are looking for independent tests of various reputable publications.And of course, there are owners for whom price is the main criterion. In this case, someone decides to buy the most expensive winter tires, relying on high quality, and the other will take the cheapest, trying to save.

So remember, choosing the right tires for your car, you can save yourself from serious problems.

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