How are people buried?

In all religions and cultures there are traditions and rituals that take their roots from deep antiquity. This also applies to such a sad moment in a person’s life as a funeral. The burial procedure of our ancestors was a difficult and lengthy ritual, but today the funeral was somewhat formalized, but some moments remain unshakable. Of course, the funeral of a person is inherently connected with the religion that the deceased professed. Consider how people are buried in one faith or another.

Funeral in paganism

Today, paganism is almost not preserved. At the same time, the traditions of this religion have influenced the formation of all major beliefs around the world. This also applies to funeral rites.

The early pagans tied up the deceased after death with wet ropes or rods. It was believed that a person should rest in the fetal position, since after death he gains a new life. This tradition has been preserved for several centuries. Cremation came to replace it. The burning of the deceased was a very important ritual for our ancestors, it was believed that the fire cleanses the human soul after death. The same applies to the tradition of letting the corpse through the water.Near the dead man they put money so that in the afterlife he would have something to live for, sometimes left battered dishes. True, historians still argue about the purpose of this custom. The body was burned down after burning or kept in a special urn.

After burning mournful meals were held. They were not made to have fun. Our ancestors believed that the deceased was feasting with everyone on that day. This tradition has been preserved to this day. Today, the dead man is also poured alcoholic drink, which is covered with a piece of bread.

How to bury in Orthodoxy

It is not accepted to grieve and cry over the death of a very elderly person in Orthodoxy. It is believed that he lived a long and glorious life, and death gave life to someone else. They bury, as a rule, on the third day, and before the day of the funeral in the church, the chants are ordered to be forty minutes long.

The relatives of the deceased are washed with warm water while reading the prayers. After washing the dead person they put on clean, preferably new clothes. The same applies to shoes. At the end of the worn cross. Next begins the preparation of the coffin. Inside and out the coffin is sprinkled with holy water.Only after this dead person is placed in a coffin, and his head should be put on a pillow. On the body of the deceased in a coffin impose a special cover, which depicts the images of saints and prayer inscriptions. A crown is placed on the head, which serves as a hope for the ascension of the deceased. The coffin is placed in the middle of the room, be sure to head to the icons.

The coffin is being carried out of the house, feet first. In Orthodoxy, the coffin is supposed to be carried exactly to the closest relatives. The priest goes in front of the coffin. There are many superstitions about how to bury a person. One of them says that relatives should not endure the coffin.

Buried in Orthodoxy by burial in the ground. Over the grave decided to put a cross. It is always installed at the feet of the deceased, preferably facing west. So the person of the dead person will be sent to the cross. How to behave at a funeral, you can read here.

How are Muslims buried

When buried, Muslims devote a lot of attention to ablution. As a rule, they wash the corpse three times. For the first time with water with cedar powder, in the second - with camphor, for the third time - with pure water. It is believed that during ablution in no case can you see the genitals of the deceased, so they are always closed with a cloth.

It is prohibited to bury a person in clothes.The deceased is wrapped in a special shroud, in some cases the clothes are put on top to know the sex of the deceased. Muslims bury people on special stretchers with a sliding lid, coffins are prohibited.

The funeral in Islam is held as quickly as possible. Often taken to bury on the day of death, at least not the next. A dead person on a stretcher is carried to the cemetery. Before that, he is put on a hill where men read prayers. The priest, the imam, stands over his head during a prayer if a man is buried. If a woman, then at the level of the abdomen.

A Muslim is being buried at a nearby cemetery. Before diving into the grave, the deceased is first lowered to the ground, then raised as high as possible. The dead person is lowered with their feet down. If a woman is buried, this procedure is carried out behind a spreading veil. Then a handful of earth is thrown into the grave, watered 7 times with water, then the body is buried. The monument is located on the facade in the direction of Mecca, in addition, Islam prohibits photographs on it. Sharia allows you to mourn the dead, but prohibits doing it loudly. Men can not cry at the funeral.

Funerals are different in different cultures.In order to know well how people are buried, it is necessary to study this issue in detail.

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