How did Esenin die?

About the famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin walksa lot of rumors. After all, his life was amazing, and death left a huge number of mysteries and mysteries, which after several decades so no one could unravel them. Below you will find out how Yesenin died.

Versions of the death of Sergei Yesenin

There are several versions of Yesenin's death and they are all fairly logical, therefore each of them has the right to life.


December 28, 1925 at 10 hours 30 minutes in the 5number of the hotel "International" was found a man hanging on a central heating pipe. According to the documents found hanging was Yesenin Sergey Alexandrovich. That's exactly what was written in the police report. Friends of the poet adhered to this version, as he recently very often touched on the theme of suicide in his works. Moreover, Esenin in the last 2 years of his life almost did not leave the state of melancholy. Namely, this, in the opinion of the poet's compatriots, led him to such an unenviable end. Also it can not be overlooked that Sergey suffered from alcoholism and was often offended by the whole world.


Many people are inclined to the fact that Sergei Yeseninkilled. After all, it was quite difficult to hang yourself on a pipe, because it was hard to reach, and the length of the strap from the suitcase did not allow it. Also, abrasions and bruises were found on the body, and this may indicate that the poet before a death fought with someone, after which he was killed and simulated suicide. Also this version confirms the poet's posthumous photo. To many it seems not typical for suicide. Disputes about whether the poet himself died or people in civilian clothes helped him, do not cease to this day. The mystery of Yesenin's death is not even now disclosed, and it is unlikely that this will ever happen.

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