How do I fill in a letter?

Despite the fact that humanity lives in the centuryhigh digital technology, the need for a regular mail service still exists. In order for business or personal information to reach the address you need, you need to clearly understand how to fill out the letter correctly.

Types of postal items

To begin with it is necessary to be defined, what exactly youwant to send: a simple letter, for which you do not need receipts or a receipt from the addressee. Thus, usually, sent items of a personal nature, postcards, various kinds of notices. The postal service determines the allowable weight of a simple letter within 20 grams, for excess it is necessary to pay extra. Cards, money, valuable documents can not be sent in envelopes of simple postal items, but, most importantly, if you do not specify the address or it is incorrect, your letter will simply not reach the address and will return back to you.

In principle, the answer to the question of how to fill outregistered letter, does not differ from the answer about the design of simple letters. However, there are some nuances here too. In the event that it is necessary to send important documents, receipts, official notices, the delivery of which must be guaranteed and confirmed, for example, by receipt, then the ordered type of mail should be chosen. Valuable documents are sent by letters with declared value. The maximum free weight of the envelope is 100 grams, in case of a larger weight, such correspondence is equivalent to a parcel.

Among other things, if you are concernedthe safety of the contents of the letter, and not just the question of how to correctly fill out the letter, you should take care of making up a content inventory, as well as indicate the need to receive a notice of delivery.

Writing an address on an envelope

So, you already know about what letters are, andNow let's look at the question of how to fill an envelope of a letter so that it reaches the addressee. Firstly, all columns must be filled in Russian if the letter is sent to the addressee in the territory of the Russian Federation, while in the republics within the Russian Federation it is possible to use another language. With international correspondence, the address is written in Latin, and the numbers must be Arabic.

Destination address is on the rightbelow, the address of the sending point is at the top left. Write should be in clear letters, abbreviations should not be used and words should not be corrected. Preliminarily you can get acquainted with the samples of registration on the site of the Russian Post, there you can also specify the index of the destination of correspondence.

In any case, keep in mind that all the details of the address are written in a certain order:

  • The name of the legal entity or full name of the citizen.
  • The name of the street, the number of the house and apartment, then the settlement, the district (if necessary), the republic / province / region, the country, the index with Arabic numerals.

Also simple and registered letters, or translationfunds can be sent on demand, then on the envelope the address of the post office and the name of the individual are indicated, if necessary, the number of the subscriber box is added.

Here such there are features in sending letters which it is required to consider.

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