How do I wash my hat?

A hat is an integral accessory in everyone's life. Someone prefers knitted hats, someone fur, and someone woolen. It is necessary to erase all these caps in various ways, no matter what the headwear is.

We erase the knitted hat

How to wash a knitted cap correctly - let's consider.

If you wash a woolen, knitted hat is notcorrectly, it is likely to stretch or vice versa sit. In order to avoid deplorable results, you need to know how to wash the hat and what you need for this. Wash the wool headdress with hands and detergent, which is intended for wool in warm water at a temperature of 30 degrees. The cap does not need to be soaked.

In water, dissolve the detergent and placethere cap. Wash gently, whatever break the structure, stretch and twist the cap is not worth it. Rinse the product in warm water with vinegar twice. Do not twist, wait for the water to drain. After this, spread the damp cap onto a clean cloth and wait until it dries completely.

Erasing the fur hat

It is much more difficult to take care of fur products. Fur hats are very warm and stylish, but you can not wash fur. So, how to wash a fur hat, that it would be clean, without foreign smells and looked beautiful and well-groomed.

Fur hat is easiest to give a dry cleaning, andyou can work a little and do the cleaning yourself. Before you wash the hat, you need to turn the lining off and wash it in ordinary soapy water. The place where it was, sewn the lining, mark with a colored thread.

After this, unscrew and remove the cap. Examine the fur for defects, if any, fix them.

Now proceed directly to cleaning. Pour a quarter of a glass of refined gasoline into a small container and mix it with the potato starch. Consistency should be like a gruel. With the resulting mixture, coat the cap, lightly rubbing it into the fur. Allow the product to dry a little, after 10-15 minutes, remove the starch with a brush or shake out. The procedure can be repeated several times until the fur is perfectly clean. Veterinate the fur, comb it and sew a lining. In this way, a cleaned hat, will serve you more than one year.

We erase the mink hat

Mink hats are slightly different in a different way. The mink fur is very delicate and gentle, requiring special care. How to wash the mink cap correctly and do not spoil the product.

To begin with, the mink hat should be dried and shaken out of it dust. On the pile, draw your hands to give it the right shape. To make it easier on the balcony.

Then, take the bran and brew them on the fire,carefully stirring, that they would by no means be burnt. Put the cap on the table, and sprinkle it with bran. Leave everything for a few minutes, then comb the fur. After complete drying, rub in talcum powder, treat the product with a brush and vytsite. Shake out the cap again. To give the nap the right direction, walk on it with a sponge.

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