How does the moon affect us?

In ancient times, people firmly believed that all celestial bodies have a great influence on human life. It was believed that human destinies directly depend on the location of the stars and planets in the sky. The echoes of these beliefs are still alive. Until now, the unlucky man is sometimes said: "Apparently, he was born under an unlucky star."

The Moon also has an impact on the lives of people, which has been proven by scientists. How exactly does it affect a person? Consider a few points of view.

Viewpoint of modern science

The fact that the ocean tides occur under the influence of the moon, now even schoolchildren are aware. Tidal forces generated by the moon, cause huge masses of water to fluctuate periodically, causing large-scale changes in the level of water in the oceans. The human body, as is known, is three-quarters water, therefore it is also subject to the forces of lunar attraction, which create tidal waves.

Speaking about how the Moon influences us, we must also take into account the lunar gravity. The moon revolves around the Earth in an elliptical orbit, the force of its gravity is constantly changing, increasing as the satellite approaches our planet.Now many scientists are inclined to believe that the life cycles of the human body are directly related to the period of the orbital revolution.

There is another explanation of how the moon affects people. It is widespread among psychics, medicine men and traditional healers, but has not yet received scientific confirmation.

Astrological point of view

How does the moon affect us according to astrologers? Our only satellite makes a complete revolution around the planet in one lunar month. Its duration is from 28 to 30 Earth days. During this time, the moon passes several phases - from the new moon to the full moon and from the full moon to the so-called old moon. Changes in the lunar phases are caused by changes in the solar illumination of the lunar surface.

Growing Moon Phase

The time from the new moon to the full moon, when the lunar sickle increases, is called the phase of the rising moon. If you believe the esoteric, this time is most favorable for the start of all new cases. Astrologers argue that along with the growing moon should grow human well-being. Growing Moon is an ideal time for all of Novgo, whether it be laying the foundation of a house, moving to another place or changing work, because a person with a growing Moon feels ready to cope with any, even the most difficult tasks.The surge of vitality caused by this phase of the moon inspires him with optimism and confidence in his abilities. At this time, the mental and physical potential of the human body increases, everything turns out as if by itself. The tasks over which you have unsuccessfully fought in previous days are suddenly solved easily and gracefully, playing sports brings only pleasure, things are clearly going uphill.

Full moon

The phase of the rising moon gives way to a full moon. This is a very hectic time. The human body during the full moon is at the peak of its capabilities. Particularly sensitive people in the full moon can feel a strange unfounded anxiety, some become overly emotional, and sometimes unreasonably aggressive. Therefore, during this lunar phase, doctors record an increase in the number of complaints of general well-being, and law enforcement officers register an increase in the number of suicides and car accidents. In addition, death rates from heart attacks and strokes increase during the full moon. But there are some positive aspects to this lunar phase. The Full Moon is an ideal time for creativity, and it is not for nothing that the Moon has long been considered the heavenly patroness of all poets.

Waning moon

After the full moon, the visible part of the lunar disk begins to decrease, and the phase of the waning moon begins. At this time, all the processes in the human body begin to slow down gradually. All movements become somewhat inhibited, performing daily duties requires much more effort, there is a slight drowsiness and apathy. The phase of the waning moon can be called the time of "harvesting." At this time, you should not start new projects and make plans for the future, you just need to successfully complete what you started earlier, collect your thoughts and take stock.

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