Dilute the vinegar. How from 70% of vinegar do 9% of the table

Vinegar is a well-known product thatis very popular. Without it, it is impossible to make blanks for the winter or to cook a delicious shish-kebab. The proportions play an important role here. If you do not comply with them, you can become a victim of food poisoning. Today we will talk about how to prepare a 9 percent vinegar from 70 percent.

Types of vinegar

As a rule, there are several types of vinegar.Almost every mistress knows them. Vinegar itself is natural and synthetic. Natural, as it is not difficult to guess, is made from natural vegetable liquids, which contain alcohol. It is wine, on herbs, fruit-berry, rice and apple. Natural vinegar is the best choice of kitchen solutions. Unfortunately, in Russia it is used quite rarely. Another type of vinegar is synthetic. It is considered ordinary. Its main component is acetic acid.

how to make out of 70 vinegar 9

It is obtained by carrying out chemicalprocessing processes. This kind is suitable for domestic and domestic needs, Russian culinary specialists often use synthetic vinegar in cooking. As a rule, it is used for pickling. Ideal and to prepare an excellent gentle shish kebab. Vinegar delicately softens the meat and makes it tender and tasty. Now let's look at how to make 9% of 70% vinegar.

A little about each

  • Wine vinegar is the merit of the French.It can be from white wine or red. It gives the dishes a refined and unforgettable taste that could not be left without attention - people have found wide application to the product. Usually they make marinades with him and fill them with salads.
  • Apple cider vinegar is lighter and softer. To a greater degree, Americans prefer it. They use this product for fish broths, chicken dishes and apple compotes.
  • Rice vinegar is a product, mainlyused in Japanese cuisine. The Japanese cook this kind of vinegar and apply it in rice dishes. In particular, they are used for making sushi and rolls. The recipe for this product is quite simple, it can be implemented by any novice cook, and just an amateur.

9 percent vinegar from 70

Table vinegar

Table vinegar is the most commonview. They are mostly used by Russian housewives. It is added to salads, mustard, gravies, meat dishes. Has a slightly acidic and pungent taste. There are 6% and 9%. In addition, there is acetic essence. Of the 70% vinegar make 9% is fairly easy, the main thing - to observe all proportions. The smell of this product is very harsh.

How to cook

How to make of 9% of 70% of vinegar?Now we will tell you this small and simple recipe. When working with acetic acid, try not to inhale once again the smell coming out - it is very sharp. Be careful - it is important to observe all proportions. Otherwise, you will have to start everything from the very beginning.

We must also remember the rules of safety.Store such a corrosive, burning liquid only in a glass container. Take care that the solution does not get on your skin - in case of contact, immediately rinse the area with water. It is best to perform all manipulations with vinegar in gloves and gauze bandage - this will protect the respiratory tract and skin.

from 70 vinegar to make 9

If you are well prepared, proceed.So, how to make 9% of 70% vinegar? You will need only water, a tablespoon and acetic essence 70%. In order to prepare table vinegar used in marinades and during conservation, it is necessary to mix 7 tablespoons of water with 1 spoon of essence. Take care that the second component does not overflow - it is very important that all proportions are preserved. With this mixing you will get the required consistency. Here's how to make 9% of 70% vinegar.

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