How not to excite the guy?

An annoying admirer kindled to you with passion, and you either do not want to rush things, or do not want intimate relations with him at all? In such a situation it is useful to learn how not to excite a guy. To do this is sometimes much easier than trying to excite. Now find out how.

How to cool his passion: some tips

We will proceed from the opposite: first, remember which girls excite guys, and then try to create a portrait with the exact opposite.

Guys are turned on by beautiful, sexy, self-confident, courageous, cheerful, feminine girls who know how to give themselves the best hand, love to flirt and admire a man. To stop his excitement, it is necessary to become the opposite of all this.

  1. First of all, a man reacts to your appearance, and she plays a big role in whether he gets aroused or not. Attractive femininity is sexy for men. To stop his excitement, often put on a baggy "non-feminine" clothes: sweaters, "swinging", loose-fitting unisex pants, shoes with flat shoes, etc.No dresses, skirts and heels! Forget about make-up, cute female accessories, heels. Hair is better than shortly cropped or tied up in a ponytail or in an unattractive bun.
  2. To completely discourage him, you can choose one of several types of non-sexual behavior in women and begin to match it. Here are some:
    • "Your boyfriend": behave with him as if you were his friend. "Wow, buddy!" and hryas so friendly on the shoulder as a sign of greeting! Let him take you as a boyfriend. If you notice that he tells you about the girls he likes, then you are on the right track.
    • "Universal sadness": always go sad and gloomy, you can sometimes stay and bawled, Noah, complain about life around, talk about how bad you are and that nobody understands you. Such people scare everyone in principle, and it certainly does not prompt you to think about sex.
    • “I am the queen”: you are the smartest, beautiful and good here, and around you there are some unworthy ones. Well, so be it, serf, you can kiss my pen, but no more! A little more arrogance, arrogance, a domineering glance, a contemptuous grimace, nose to the ceiling.
    • “Naive fool”: a child’s gaze, pouting lips, more stupidity, a thin voice, weakness, ignorance of basic things and the inability to be independent.With this behavior, he may develop affection, very rarely - love, but purely platonic. Such a girl will be subconsciously perceived as a daughter, and a mentally healthy person never inflames passion for a daughter.
    • "Faithful doggy": trying to assure the guy by hook or by crook that her world is focused solely on him alone, not interested in anything else, completely dependent on the guy, hangs on him, jealous of everyone and everything, makes up problems in relationships, she suffers from them and makes the guy suffer. Since this is not something that sex does not want, but it is time to think about ending the relationship.
  3. This is a bit cruel to him, but if nothing repels him, then you can try in another way to influence his attitude to you and his self-esteem (only when he lags behind and “cools”, tell him why you really did). Show him that physical contact with him is unpleasant for you - express your disgust, move away from him, just say that you don’t like him. You can often criticize him, scold. Do not make compliments, ignore, show that you do not put it in anything.Not only do not take steps towards, but in every possible way stop him from trying to get close to you - he is bad, and everything that he is trying to do does no better. Be harsh, angry, indifferent. This attitude is unpleasant for any guy, and sooner or later he will leave you alone.

This is what can be done to not excite the guy. If, despite everything, he continues to push for you, perhaps you are missing something important? Think of it.

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