How not to get married?

Some of the fair sex do not want to marry. However, to stand up to the onslaught of fans is not easy, especially if the gentleman begins to like. But you need to stand your ground and not compromise on principles. You can remain true to yourself by reading the tips described below.

How not to marry a man who really likes?

You are seriously captured by feelings, but your beloved often behaves selfishly towards you, constantly deceiving, and your friends are whispering behind your back about his infidelity. In parallel, he swears in love and invites to the registry office. In this case, you need to understand your feelings and think with your head, not your heart.

How not to marry a man who really likes? In this case, psychologists are advised to pick up the paper and pen. The sheet must be divided into 2 columns, first write all the good things in the relationship, and the second - the bad. Then the sheet is cut into 2 halves, and the first is simply discarded, and the second is hung in a prominent place. Thus, you will remember only your bad lover, which means that love will soon be replaced by dislike.

How can a girl never get married?

If men have gotten to such an extent that they don’t even want to see them, let alone marry someone, more radical measures should be taken. For example, you should stop watching your appearance. In this case, there will be practically no male attention, because first of all the representatives of the stronger sex pay attention to their appearance, and then to the rich inner world.

You should avoid communicating with men, and if someone offers to meet, then you can just send it so that it is disreputable. If the persistent admirer falls, then you should show yourself in the communication from the worst side. For example, always talk only about yourself, your ex, what they were bastards and stuff.

In the presence of a new friend, you can forget about all the rules of etiquette. After all, you are not interested in it, which means there is no one for whom to show your best. Also, when talking with a fan, you need to mention that you do not know how to cook, and for dinner, breakfast and lunch you only have semi-finished products. This will scare away even a battered man, and he certainly will not suit you anymore. Moreover, he will tell friends and acquaintances about you, warning them in advance that they do not suit you.

Portrait of the perfect husband

How to never get married? The answer is pretty simple! You need to draw for yourself a portrait of an ideal husband and weed out all those who do not pass by standards. However, the framework must be very rigid. For example, he should cook well, be young, handsome, rich (you can write the amount that should be in his bank account), high and witty. It would not be superfluous to describe his appearance to the smallest detail, then a minimum of people would fall under such a portrait.

So, when the matrix of an ideal husband is ready, every man should pass through it. Surely none of them will pass. It is very important to stick to the portrait and not to embellish the dignity of a handsome young man. He is not for you. Remember that there are a lot of unfortunate girls around, who only become worse from close contact with men. Do not join their ranks!

Examples of Marriages Ended Badly

If you still have the hope of getting married, you can kill her. Enough to get acquainted with examples of marriages that ended badly. Surely you have girlfriends who "got married" unsuccessfully. What is this all for? After all, you can quietly spend the evenings alone, or start one funny affair after another. To make a dream come true, you should read more about divorces.Remember also that many women are beaten by their husbands. But you can stay after the beatings and cripple.

In addition, most men cheating. Just imagine what a venereal disease your beloved husband can bestow on you. And it's not a fact that it will be possible to recover from such a “gift” in a few weeks; Often people take years to do this. In addition, the husband may require to give birth to a child. Do you need it? Why suffer from nausea, edema and other inconveniences for 9 months? Such pleasures of life are not for you, so you need to remember them, then you will never marry.

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