How old is Catherine Andreeva? TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva: date of birth

Ekaterina Andreeva - presenter of the program "Time" onThe first channel. Perhaps every inhabitant of our country knows it. Many people note how wonderful Ekaterina Andreeva looks. Date of birth was November 27, 1961. It's amazing, is not it?

Study and work on television

The host studied at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute at the evening old is Catherine AndreevaThen she worked in the Investigation Department, andalso in the Prosecutor General's Office, under her department were the most criminogenic places - the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories. Then Andreeva heard that a contest was held for the post of central television announcer, and decided to try her hand. As you can see, everything turned out for her. After that, she graduated from the Institute of Advanced Studies for the staff of television and radio. For some time Andreeva was conducting the program "Morning". In addition, she studied at the "School of announcers", her mentor was Igor Kirillov. It is not known exactly how old Ekaterina Andreeva was at that time.

Uneasy duties and undoubted talent

The life of the host is divided into two parts: professional activity and everything else. The first is the transfer of "Time". And the second - a family, friends, travel, training and much more, which is not shown on the air. The famous host began to work on television in 1991. Soon she was entrusted with news. And in 1998, the audience began to see her regularly in the television program "Time", which is, perhaps, the most informative and interesting program of all those that are broadcast on the First Channel. How old was Catherine Andreeva then? Already 37.Ekaterina Andreeva Year of birthAndreeva is forced to notify the country about the mostvarious events, including some very sad. She told us about the terrorist attack in the city of Budennovsk, about the bombings of buildings in the capital and Volgodonsk, about the invasion of militants in Dagestan, about Beslan, about Nord-Ost, and about the Kursk. You need to be able to speak with restraint and calm, and Catherine always succeeded.

The sense of time and age of the TV host

On television, the presenter has been working for 20 years, on the screenwe see it already 15, and in the program "Time" it appears for a whole decade. But Catherine did not notice how the time passed. She does not feel it like other people. Perhaps, this is the secret, why the presenter for all these years has not changed at all. Many are interested in how many years of TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva. Surprisingly, she is now 52.

How good is the memory of the TV host?

Any person would say that 20 years ontelevision - this is a huge period of time, but not Catherine. She is surprised that for some people even four years is already a lot. She does not think so at all. She is not used to counting time: minutes, hours, days ... Most likely, for this reason, she does not have any memorable dates in her head, for example, her friends' by Ekaterina AndreevaAnd sometimes she forgets about her memorable dates. However, none of her relatives take offense at her, everyone is aware of such a small feature of Catherine. Despite the fact that she does not remember the dates, telephone numbers are always easy to dial from memory. She does not need to peek at a notebook to call someone. In addition, it is enough for her to read the text once to remember it, so she does well without a prompter.

The illusion of immutability

Nobody will argue with the fact that CatherineAndreeva, whose birth year you already know, is on television for a long time. Her bosses have changed many times, and Russia is completely different. And the leader remains the same as twenty years ago. Many people are interested in how it turns out. And Catherine agrees that everything has changed, she believes that time is difficult to understand at all. It lives according to its own laws, which are not subject to ordinary people. The same, in her opinion, can be said about the transfer of "Time".TV presenters Ekaterina AndreevaSometimes it seems that this project chooses the leading ones. And about his immutability Andreeva says that this is just an illusion. She, too, is completely different.

What has changed over time?

Catherine established strong contacts with people,who began to play a significant role in her life. She also became much more confident in herself, calmer, stronger. Looking at the photo of Ekaterina Andreeva, you understand that this is a reliable person with a stable psyche.

Iron aging

Many might notice that the live broadcast isalways strong voltage. He can hardly make a person more calm. Catherine says that this is really stress, but she has learned not to react to it too sharply. Nevertheless, the presenter tells that she still feels a certain tension, only the audience does not notice this, of course. And with unpleasant consequences have to face. For example, sometimes after work she sees that small vessels have burst on her hands. Of course, the reason is quite a strong strain. It's hard for Catherine to talk about very sad incidents. It happens that the screen shows the plot, and the leader struggles to keep herself in hand, throws back her head so that the tears do not flow down her cheeks, and after a few seconds she again appears in front of the audience in fine many years of TV presenter Ekaterina AndreevaIt belongs to the category of people whocan control themselves. The presenter can afford to relax only in a quiet environment, for example, forget the apartment key, leave somewhere umbrella, etc. And when she is in the studio, everything keeps under control. These should be all TV presenters. Ekaterina Andreeva is no exception.

Peripetias of fate

A girl could become an actress, a historian or a lawyer. But she wanted to be leading.

Initially, Catherine entered the law faculty, but soon realized that this specialty was not suitable for her, and switched to the historical one, because she thought that this industry was rather close to her.

You can say that fate smiled futureleading, when she came to the training courses for radio and television staff, because it was thanks to them that she got on the screen. But Catherine never thought that she would become famous, as she was constantly criticized. According to the professors, the girl seemed too proud and unapproachable, like the Snow Queen. By the way, Igor Kirillov studied celebrity, she was lucky enough to pass his school among the latter.

how many years of leading Ekaterina AndreevaThen Ekaterina became the announcer of CT and company"Ostankino", then the audience regularly saw her in "Good Morning". And after that she switched to ORT and became editor and news anchor. Then followed "Time" - a telecast, which everyone watches. By the way, in 1999 a survey was conducted - they wanted to find out which leading audience is considered the most beautiful. As it is not difficult to guess, the first place was taken by Catherine.

By that time Andreeva had already graduated from the instituteadvanced training and wrote a thesis on the topic of the Nuremberg Trials. How many years Catherine Andreeva was then, you can calculate, knowing the date of her birth.

Excitement and fatigue

The presenter told me that during the first broadcasther heart was pounding so that she gasped. But now it does not frighten her any more, she always tries to remain calm and can conduct news in any conditions. Work at the host is hard, you can not argue with that.

Dressing style

Catherine does not have a stylist, she chooses her own clothes.Ekaterina Andreeva Date of birthEveryone remarks how perfect her taste is. Andreeva is dressed better than all the other leading, in this there is no doubt. Catherine loves a businesslike, but elegant style. This applies to everything - and things, and cosmetics, and behavior. The presenter herself buys clothes for the airwaves, without any help, is painted and combed. People calculate how old Ekaterina Andreeva is, and wonder when she will know her true age, because she looks very young. Many women envy the leader, because very few people manage to survive so well. Most likely, here his role was played by heredity and proper care of himself. Catherine understands cosmetic means, always carefully monitors her appearance. Profession obliges, and simply always wants to be young and beautiful.


The presenter likes to visit antique shops very much. She says that some invisible force attracts her to ancient things. At the same time, the presenter has never been deceived, she excellently understands antiques. If a thing she really likes, she can always bargain for her at a lower price.

Now you are aware of how many years of leading Ekaterina Andreeva, and also you know some facts from her biography.

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