How do the rich live?

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How do the rich live?

Many are interested in a topic that concerns the lives of the rich people of our planet. We are used to imagining that the rich live in extreme luxury, which is almost inaccessible to most people. We often see how rich people surround themselves with expensive things. Very often we see the luxury of stars, show-men, but not so often the life of businessmen is described. How do rich businessmen live?

How do foreign businessmen live?

It is worth saying that it is necessary to divide rich businessmen into ours and foreign ones. The fact is that the majority of foreign businessmen saved their fortune due to their achievements, ability to conduct business, their tricks. Often, many of the richest people do not allow themselves a lot of luxury. They bought what they wanted at the very beginning, and this suits them perfectly. For example, Warren Buffett. His house is generally quite modest and cost 31 thousand dollars. He does not have expensive yachts, too expensive cars and considers that expensive things distract from the main business. There are many such examples.But it mainly depends on the nature of the person. So, the house of Bill Gates is estimated at $ 53 million. The area of ​​its buildings is about 0.6 hectares. And the territory of the house itself is located on two hectares. Moreover, a sufficient number of fir trees, maples and other trees are created on this territory, creating the impression of a breathtaking landscape. In the house of Gates there is a garage for 4 cars and a family techno-play area. The walls of the houses are made of wood, and the pillars of the building are polished so that they shine like satin. But the most exciting thing about Gates' house is that the walls inside the house are equipped with a variety of sensors and lights that change color depending on the mood of the owner. It seems that the walls are experiencing some instant repair, changing their color. If we discuss how rich people live on the example of Gates, then we can cite more than one example.

The life of Russian businessmen

As for our rich businessmen, most of them got rich as a result of the redistribution and appropriation of property inherited after the collapse of the USSR. That is, at one moment they successfully got rich.Of course, those businessmen were the people who were in power in the USSR. They got this wealth at a much lower price than their foreign counterparts. And taking into account our mentality, each of our businessmen lives as luxuriously as possible, not sparing money for either houses or expensive cars. And the places where rich people live are often fenced off from others, and entire areas of houses are formed, to which only the rich have a pass. A feature of our business is the purchase of homes abroad in prestigious areas of cities of a particular country. So, Abramovich owns estates in the UK, USA and France. Moreover, he has the world's longest yacht Eclipse (169 m.) And a private jet Boeing 767.

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