How to adjust the valve clearance?

At least once, each of the motorists independently controlled the thermal gaps of the valves of the engine's gas distribution mechanism. In the course of this work is very lacking "third" hands. So it is better to invite an assistant to perform this procedure.

Prepare for gap clearance

In order to more easily cope with this task, consider how the valve clearances are adjusted, using the example of a VAZ 2106 car. To adjust the clearances, you will need: clearly audible when the engine is idling. And with an increase in torque, it disappears. If this knock is not eliminated in time, the valve will quickly collapse and fall into the cylinder. All this may entail replacing the motor. Therefore, it is extremely important to adjust the valve clearance.

We disassemble the body

Adjustment of thermal gaps should always be carried out on a cold engine.Its temperature should be 20 degrees.

  • First you need to raise the hood, then set the engine crankshaft to the compression stroke of the TDC of the fourth cylinder. After that, unscrew the three nuts securing the filter cover and remove it. Now you need to unscrew four more nuts and dismantle the body of this device completely.
  • The plastic lug of the accelerator must be disconnected and the second end of the engine compartment on the front panel of the engine from the coupling with the shaft lever. Next you need to unscrew ten nuts and remove the valve cover. Then alternately loosen the locknuts of the sixth and eighth valve adjusting bolts. Their numbering begins in front of the radiator.
  • Now you need to set the gaps. They should be equal to 0.15mm. After that, you should rotate the engine 180 degrees and proceed with the test. If there is a need to adjust the specified parameters for the valves numbered 4 and 7, then you need to carry it out in the same way, and then sequentially adjust the valves 1 to 3 and 5 to 2 after the next cranking of the crankshaft half a turn.

Candle gap adjustment

Before winter operation of the car, it is necessary to always adjust the gap of candles between the electrodes. It should be borne in mind that the car VAZ 2106 gap should be in the range of 0.7-0.6 mm. As the machine is operated, this gap starts to increase, which leads to an increase in breakdown voltage and causes a sparking disturbance. In addition, a large gap of candles increases fuel consumption. So, for every 100 km it increases by an average of 0.5 liters. Check the gaps between the electrodes of the candles should be using a round probe. To reduce or increase the gap is necessary only by bending the side electrode. When adjustment of the gap is completed, you need to put the candle in place as follows. First, screw it in by hand, then do not tighten it with the Allen key. If you do not want to turn the candles out of the sockets, then you can check their performance using a spark probe called “Test”, as well as with an “H-1-PL” device or with the indicator of the health of the Search-1 candle.

If you decide that this is all too difficult for you, then contact your nearest auto repair shop, they will be able to do everything in the best possible way there!

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