How to become a country?

Currently, there are more than 170 countries in the world. History knows many examples when countries collapsed and new ones were formed. It is reasonable to ask a question: how to become a country? Consider what you need in order to form a country.

The concept of country and state

Often, people confuse the concept of "country" and "state". At the same time, it is often possible to hear when both these concepts are synonymous with each other. It is accepted that when people talk about a state, they mean a political country. The state is, first of all, a system which was established in a certain territory. The concept of the country includes cultural, historical, socio-economic, as well as concepts such as mentality, language, and so on. Thus, the difference between the concepts of "state" and "country" is that the "state" is primarily a political aspect, and the concept of "country" - all of the above.

Country Signs

In order to become a country, you need to have a certain territory, with the population living on it.The United Nations does not have precise instructions on what a country is and what it takes to become one. In many ways, everything will depend on the device of the country.

For example, in the case of Spain and Catalonia (a region of a country) that wishes to become independent, it cannot receive such status, even if the majority of the region’s population votes for it. This is due to the fact that Spain is a unitary state, and, therefore, the independence of a region of such a country can be obtained only if the majority of residents of the whole country vote for it. Thus, voting within a particular region does not make sense with this type of device.

This is due to the fact that the unitary state implies a universal vote for the independence of a region, in other words, the entire population of Spain must vote for the independence of Catalonia. Thus, in order to become a country, in addition to the population and territory, it is necessary to recognize the state.

Currently, the main features of the country are:

  • Flag;
  • Coat of arms;
  • Anthem;
  • Territory;
  • Population;
  • As well as the state and legal system, currency.

Now let's talk about sovereignty separately, since this item is the most important.

The importance of sovereignty

For a country to become independent, other countries, as well as the entire world community, must recognize its sovereignty. In the history, paradoxical cases are known when a country, having disconnected from another country, being its region, was recognized by the world community, but was not recognized by the former government. An example is, in this case, Taiwan. This state, despite the fact that it has its own territory, population, its own system and its government, is still an unrecognized state, relative to China.

Also in the world there are examples of states that are colonies or trust territories. That until 1966 was Guyana, formerly called British Guiana. This Latin American state was a colony of the British Empire, and to this day, the territory of this country is in constant controversy. Canada, which in its essence was a colony of the British Empire, also caused confusion. Currently, this country is recognized as a sovereign, but for a long time it was a colony of the British Empire, and only in 1982 gained independence.

National currency

Any sovereign state must have its own national currency. At the same time, the UN allows other national currencies to be used throughout the country, even if their turnover exceeds the turnover of their own national currency. However, it is important to note that any country should strive to ensure that the turnover of its monetary unit exceeds the turnover of any other.

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