How to become a provider?

Currently, Internet access servicesare very widespread. In large cities, dozens of well-known providers compete with each other, and it seems that this niche for business is completely occupied. At the same time, residents of private sectors of the same cities, as well as residents of small townships, often face difficulties in choosing a provider. And for sure there are entrepreneurs who are ready to organize their business in the field of promotion of modern information exchange technologies.

How to become an Internet service provider? Preparation for the opening of this type of business can be divided into two parts: organizational and legal and technical.

Technical aspects

Thinking about opening your own communication centeraccess to the Internet must take into account that this business, although profitable, but it requires large investments in the first stage. A set of equipment (web server, router, uninterruptible power supplies, cables, cabinets), as well as licensed software, cost between 2-3 million rubles. For an unmistakable choice of the necessary technology, it is advisable to consult the services of consultants with practical experience.

Organizational aspects

Before the start of work, the businessman will need,firstly, to register a legal entity (LLC or CJSC) on behalf of which the business will be conducted. The procedure takes 5 working days, the necessary costs - about 16 thousand rubles. After registration, we make a seal of our company and open a bank account.

In the second stage, it is necessary to obtainthe corresponding licenses for the right to engage in the provision of services (licenses for data transmission, with the exception of data transmission for the purposes of voice information, and telematic services). Terms - 45 days, costs - about 30 thousand rubles.

The final step is to obtain a permit foroperation of the communication center from Roskomnadzor. To do this, we develop a communication node project, we order and pay for its expertise, we get permission. Terms - from six months, costs - about 70 thousand rubles.

If you are on the Internet while you are using the services of a third-party provider, but do not remember which one, you can determine it by reading the article How to find your provider.

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