How to become a psychic

Usually people are skeptical of supernatural phenomena. While watching the TV show “The Battle of Psychics,” viewers admire his characters. After the end of the program, it appears that what he saw is an elaborate tele-show. However, there are such individuals who are interested in how to become a psychic.

Extrasensory capabilities - a special gift that a person receives from nature. The gift is most often manifested in an unexpected way, the person becomes a real psychic after a certain extraordinary event. This could be a serious injury, clinical death, serious illness, emotional distress, or another health problem.

According to psychics, unique abilities can be trained and developed. Strength does not depend on education. The indisputable proof is the fact that among psychics there are both educated people and true “nuggets” who cannot even read a sentence without mistakes.

Science considers unproven some human abilities - treatment by ordination, diagnosis from photographs and prediction of the future. Scientists are carefully studying people who call themselves gift bearers.

The results of research sometimes amaze the imagination, but it is still not possible to achieve stable results. Therefore, researchers call striking results ordinary coincidences. As for the people involved in the experiments, they are considered fraudsters or deceptive individuals.

What useful tips can be given to a person who dreams of becoming a psychic?

  • If the desire is irresistible, first of all, make sure that extrasensory possibilities really exist. Try to guess a few numbers from the assistant. If in half of the cases the numbers are guessed, this indicates extrasensory skills.
  • From the help of sites that promise to help in the realization of dreams, it is better to refuse. Resources of dubious type promise to determine the level of customer perception, demanding in return a solid payment via SMS. Verify the authenticity of the information sold by fraudsters, there is no possibility. Money will be spent in vain.
  • Sign up for courses or a school where they learn the basics of managing unique capabilities. There are many similar institutions in cities and in small towns.
  • Before you become a student institution, realize that the duties of people working in such schools is not to make students psychics. Contrary to the loud name, such courses are similar to a club of interests.

You got an idea how to become a psychic. The life of a person who has supernatural abilities is very hard. He has to constantly see the faces of suffering people whom he cannot help. Therefore, many newcomers often take on the problems of clients on themselves, and this is accompanied by a large psychological burden, which not everyone will cope with.

How to become a psychic in real life

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Many people do not even realize that they have extrasensory abilities from birth. For this reason, to get an answer to the question of how to become a psychic in real life, it is enough to look into yourself.

In most cases, the manifestation of psychic abilities in humans begins after a huge nuisance, which is large-scale. That trouble becomes a powerful impetus that opens the previously dormant forces of the subconscious.With the help of new abilities, a person looks into those places and regions, the existence of which he had not even guessed before.

If you are determined to become a psychic, it does not mean that you have to go to extremes, like a coma or an accident. In some cases, meditation helps to find a way. In this state, the body relaxes as much as possible and sends information about the world and complete peace of mind to the brain. During meditation, the soul begins to soar above the body, which creates a feeling of peace. Such moments are suitable for searching and opening a kind of "secret door".

According to experts, only a balanced and calm person can become a psychic. What is a psychic? This is, in fact, an ordinary person who has learned to control unique forces. Only cold mind allows you to take control of this power. When a person is in a state of peace, he acquires energy, work with which determines the existence of supernatural forces.

Envious and irritated people are constantly wasting energy. Therefore, in order to become a real psychic, you will have to learn to forgive offenses and struggle with bad memories and offensive words. The past cannot be returned, but the future needs special attention.

Let's take a look at how to feel extrasensory abilities and what you need to do.

  1. Do what you love. If not, choose a hobby. This will periodically be alone. At the moment of a quiet and calm atmosphere, you will understand whether you really want to become a psychic. If so, start your workout.
  2. The abilities of many psychics at the beginning of a career are barely distinguishable. Thanks to their studies, they reached a new level.
  3. It does not hurt to get close to nature and the outside world. If you can not forget a strong offense, go to the tree, lean on the trunk and once again think that is the cause of concern.
  4. A living tree will take away negative energy, which will make life easier. Best of all for this purpose is suitable birch. But, it is not recommended to plant it under the window, it takes not only negative, but also positive energy.

How to become a psychic in real life? The answer to this question in each case is individual. Therefore, only the person who dreams of becoming a psychic will respond to it. Only if successful will it be possible to look at the world from a new angle.

How to become a psychic at home

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Scientists have proven that all people from birth have supernatural powers. For this reason, it is not surprising if the abilities were manifested under certain conditions.

Some psychics confidently declare that the gift of clairvoyance is inherited. At the same time, the main advantages of a true psychic are heightened intuition, powerful energy, subtle susceptibility, which helps to explain what is happening and the future.

In this part of the article we will understand how to become a psychic at home, and whether it really is at all. It will be about the development of the extrasensory gift within the housing.

  • First of all, know your own potential. Do not do without constant training. Engage with the use of ordinary items or playing cards. In this case, a prerequisite for training is the constant increase in the level of complexity of the exercises.
  • Pay special attention to inner vision. Experts say that anyone can learn how to use inner vision if they devote several minutes to training every day.
  • All psychics have developed hearing. For the development of hearing acuity, practice by identifying sources of sounds that go very far. For this purpose, choose the right moment. It is best to exercise before bedtime.
  • Keep a diary in which to write down your desires. A few months later, you will notice that there are opportunities that help realize even the most sophisticated ideas.
  • Do not disregard the development of the sixth sense. Life is a laboratory in which it is easy to train an intuition. Predict the future, starting with minor events. Each correct answer will bring experience and joy.
  • Be sure to work on discovering more feelings. According to psychics held, it is necessary to devote their lives to their search and discovery.

I told how to become a psychic at home. In conclusion, I will add that there are many techniques, but psychic candidates should develop in the area where abilities are most pronounced.

With the definition of the field of problems should not arise if you overcome yourself a certain part of the path and pay attention to self-knowledge.


Anyone can become a psychic, because extrasensory abilities are present in everyone from birth. Most often, their manifestation begins under certain conditions. This is facilitated by electric shock, clinical death or deep depression.

As practice shows, even a person with hypersensitivity and excellent intuition is not able to develop abilities without training. In this section of the article I will give effective exercises.

Exercise for extrasensory vision

The first exercise is focused on the training of extrasensory vision.

  1. Once in complete darkness, look back and try to determine as accurately as possible the shape of the objects that are in the room.
  2. If you can determine the outlines of the object, think that its shape resembles.
  3. Similarly, work through several items and list them in your thoughts.

Exercise will develop attention to surrounding objects. If you perform daily, after a while you will easily notice any little things. It is possible that even those things that previously simply did not notice did not hide.

Exercise for extrasensory hearing

The second exercise is as simple as the first, but develops extrasensory hearing.

  • Almost all people before bed protect themselves from extraneous sounds. The essence of the exercise is that it will be necessary to concentrate on these sounds for several minutes in order to determine the sources.
  • If you hear a dog barking, imagine the appearance of this animal. If people's voices are heard, determine their gender, height or clothing.

Doing the exercise will allow you to control the sounds that penetrate the subconscious.

Exercise for extrasensory sense of smell

The third exercise is designed to train the extrasensory smell, because the feelings of a true psychic should be strongly developed.

  1. Relax and try to identify the surrounding smells.
  2. If you succeed, direct your thoughts towards the sources of odors and try to visualize them.

If you constantly train, after a certain time, the number of surrounding smells will be shocking. This will help to open smells that have not previously received attention.

Extrasensory Touch Exercise

The fourth exercise will help develop extrasensory touch.And this is good, because the productivity of the "superman" work directly depends on the efficiency of all the senses.

  • Close your ears and eyes, and gently touch the skin of your feet, hands, and face.
  • Describe the sensations in a word. In particular, the skin can be hard, silky, rough or smooth.
  • Subject to detailed analysis and other things that will be at your disposal.

In doing the exercise, you can perfectly navigate in the dark, using a developed sense of touch. Paying particular attention to the development of the senses, you will become a hypersensitive person, and take the perception of the world to a new level.

Now it is no secret how to become a psychic. But believe me, this is not enough. The fact is that extrasensory perception has different directions, including hypnosis, clairvoyance, psychology and others.

How to choose a mentor

If you want to become a good psychic, it is unlikely that without the help of an experienced mentor it will work. The teacher will give knowledge and send in the right direction.

True, in the conditions of the modern world one has to be careful. If you lose vigilance, be sure to fall for the trick of scammers.Before you trust a person, be sure to check it out.

If you think that immediately after your question, the psychic begins to receive a picture from space, it is not. To correctly recognize the situation requires a pair. The first half is a person living in a situation, and the second part is a clairvoyant who has a sixth sense.

A psychic is a person who has a sensitive perception of a phenomenon, events and people. Moreover, each expert has his own direction. Some advise by phone, others invite to the reception. When a person finds himself in a difficult life situation, he wants to seek advice. Often people come to psychic for help. People are eager to get expert advice, not friendly advice.

At first glance, it seems that the life of a psychic is interesting and simple. This is an illusion. Clairvoyant, feeling the disease of another, is not always able to heal the client. At the same time, he has to take the pain of the patient, and this is not easy.

For the normal development of consciousness requires a mentor. A good instructor will point out mistakes, tell you how to avoid them, help with useful recommendations.In addition, the presence of the gift requires a clear understanding of the abilities. In this case, be sure to keep in mind that in some cases they appear chaotically. If supernatural abilities are developed incorrectly, it will lead to mental discomfort.

The person who has developed the hidden abilities receives ample opportunities for their use. Therefore, how to become a psychic, are interested and schoolchildren, and doctors, and DJs, and the rich.

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If the abilities were easily developed, it would be known what their abuse is. But, it is not. It remains to adhere to the opinion that only unselfish and persistent people who are able to develop the highest qualities can possess extrasensory abilities.

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