How to become a rapper?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 6, 2013
How to become a rapper?

The brilliant life of rappers attracts young people, especially since the stories of famous rap artists are similar. Almost all of them were ordinary people, and now they are basking in the glory and money. However, one desire: "I want to become a rapper!" not enough, you need to live this music, try your best to write decent lyrics, so that people like them, and they went to your performances.

First steps

First of all, you should beat your MP3 player rap music and listen to it everywhere. While listening, you should sing along, you might want to change something, so act, write your words. So you can learn to rhyme the words under the bit and you will easily make freestyle. Thanks to this ability you will be able to participate in all kinds of friezes and battles. As a result, you will develop your own style, your slang and you will begin to appear fans. How to become a rapper? You should explore the work of the most famous performers of this genre, both domestic and foreign.As a result, you will understand their slang and will be able to communicate with other rappers more freely. In addition, since you can quickly join the party, which will need to attend regularly.

We get a rapper look

To become a rapper is not enough to be able to rap, you also need to look like a real rapper. For this it is necessary to acquire an appearance that dictates this direction. Otherwise, to become "your" you will not succeed. The main features of the rapper style are wide pants, sweatshirt, baseball cap or knitted hat and sneakers. And all the clothes should be several sizes larger. In general, it is necessary that it hangs on you, and that everything is believable, it is better to buy all the clothes in the second hand.

How to become a famous rapper

After you learned how to make freestyles and dressed up, you probably already have some regular fans, but the star is still far away. And the question arises: how to become a famous rapper? It is not enough to participate in battles, it is necessary to expand the audience. This can be done only if you participate in various competitions and festivals. But in order to be remembered, you should decide on the style of performance and the promise that you will carry to the masses.If you want to attract a female audience, then it is better to choose lyrics with a touch of romance, if street boys, then gangsta rap or underground. You should also constantly write songs, create your own beats. At first, so that you have a disc with your own songs, you can record it using special programs, and then when well-known producers appreciate your talent, your record will be sold throughout the country.

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