How to behave older?

Sometimes it happens that adults behave like children: they commit spontaneous unconscious acts. But it happens the other way around when teenagers want to become adults and serious people. And one and the other unites one thing - they all think about how to behave older, how can you become an independent, adult person? The answer is one - you need to learn how to grow up. It remains to figure out how to do it.

Learning to take responsibility

It must be remembered that everything begins with responsibility. Adults should not be afraid of her. They must take responsibility for any of their actions, words and deeds. Only then can they become full owners of their lives and understand what happiness is and how to build it.

We are trying to understand the cause of children's behavior.

For this you need to analyze the situation when you behave like a child. Maybe in these cases it is beneficial to you? Of course, if you are still in adolescence, then this behavior is quite normal and you can not panic. However, in any case, you need to work with your fears and understand why you are afraid to grow up. Scroll through different situations in your head several times and release your fears.

We act like adults

Maybe you are just used to the fact that for you everything is done by others: washing, cleaning, washing dishes, solving your problems. Now we have to finish this! Start doing everything yourself, because you are an independent person. Begin your transition to a new “I” independent of anyone. To make it easier to cope, you can back up your successes with various positive incentives, and also keep your diary of successes and achievements.


Thinking about how to behave older? Then just introduce yourself to them, enter this new role for you and stay in it first in your imagination. For this you need to relax, to imagine yourself in the role of the person you want to become. Moreover, representing the final result, it should be done in the present tense, but not in the future. It is necessary to practice such trainings 1-2 times a day every day. As a rule, after a month, people begin to notice changes in their minds and recognize that they are starting to mature and conform to the image created in their imagination.

Get smarter

In order to behave like an adult you also need a mind, and for this you need to increase the baggage of your knowledge.First of all, one should become inquisitive: read various books, analyze situations, communicate with smart and wise people. You need to start analyzing absolutely everything that you see and hear. Think over in your head several possible solutions to the problem, consult with people who have enough knowledge and experience, and can help you with tips on solving a particular problem. The main thing to remember! These people only help you in words, suggest how best to give recommendations, which should also be thought out and comprehended! After that, you can perform already specific actions without resorting to the help of anyone. Now you know how to behave older.

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