How to build muscle on the bar?

The horizontal bar is an excellent and, importantly, accessible to everyone, a device for building muscle. The predominant difference from the horizontal bar from, for example, dumbbells, barbells, weights, is that it contributes not only to muscle building, but also to the development of endurance and strength, since you have to work with your own weight. And if there is an increase in mass (due to the muscles, preferably), then at the same time an adequate load increase occurs. If you were convinced or were convinced of the practical advantages of this type of simulator, then we will proceed to talk about how to build muscles on the horizontal bar.

To build muscles on the horizontal bar: where to start

  • The first is drawing up a workout plan. Write down what exercises you can use to build muscles on the horizontal bar for you. The exercises will be given below, select those that are aimed at working out the desired muscle groups. Perhaps you decide to take everything, then arrange the exercises by day.
  • Remember that the main thing in training is systematic. Do not skip classes.
  • No need to start with a "dose" of a bodybuilder, then you can not even raise the handle. Especially if you had a long break in the sport.Start the load gradually, with a minimum (which you can perform without overvoltage), gradually increasing. Each workout, start with a warm-up.

Inflate the pectoral muscles on the bar

Here is a well-known pull-up. It would seem that everything is simple: hung - rose. However, let's see how to do it right.

Grip - palm on yourself (reverse grip), hands shoulder-width apart.

Uniform lifting without jerking, with the same speed of lifting and lowering. The slower the lift, the more intense the load. If you are not able to pull yourself up (taking the crossbar chin), do not despair. Even micro lifts will be useful at first, just do not forget to try to climb higher and higher, striving for the goal (crossbar).

For more trained. Change your grip on the straight (wrist to face). We pull up so that the horizontal bar is behind the head.

Breathe nose. We make at least three approaches with an interval of 1 minute. The number of times in the approach is determined individually.

Inflate the shoulders on the horizontal bar

Tightening, in which the hands are located minimally close to each other.

Grip straight (wrist to face).

The goal is to reach the crossbar with the lower part of the pectoral muscles.

To pay attention to the mixing of the shoulder blades and the removal of the shoulders back; bend backwards; look at the hands (preferably).

Pump back on the horizontal bar

Grip straight, equal to the width of the shoulders. The back flexes, legs crossed.

The goal - to get the crossbar upper part of the chest, reducing when lifting the scapula.

The bottom point - fully extended arms (contribute to stretching the back muscles).

You can also pump up the broadest muscles of the back and biceps, changing the grip on the back. In general, the principle of implementation is the same.

Inflate the press on the bar

To increase the relief of the press and its general development, an easy-to-use exercise is effective.

Hang on your outstretched arms. Raise both legs at the same time (exactly at the same level) to the highest possible level. If you have strength, hold for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower your legs.

For beginners, this exercise is best performed on a horizontal bar-ladder, so that the body is fixed by a wall behind.

The second variation of the exercise is to raise the knees to the chin and stay in that position for the maximum time possible. Only distribute the forces wisely so that you can repeat this exercise several more times, and not fall as soon as you lower your legs.

These exercises have a certain load on the legs (upper part).

We showed you how to build muscle in the horizontal bar, affecting only the main thing. When you train, you can find more difficult exercises, a lot of them on the Internet.

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