How to buy a car for 700,000?

Increasingly, new cars are appearing on the streets of the cities, there are more and more of them, and they are replacing used cars. The domestic manufacturer is trying to keep up, releasing modern cars, whether it is completely independent production or SKD assembly of the car. In our article we will look at how to buy a car for 700,000 rubles.

Buying a car in the cabin

Increasingly, the consumer is thinking about buying a car in the cabin, rather than in a spontaneous car market. First, it is a new car, secondly, the level of service, and thirdly, the guarantee. Domestic consumers more often consider buying a mid-size c-class sedan as their car, less often it is a small car. Therefore, we will focus on the average consumer. Consider such a purchase as a new car up to 700,000 rubles.

Choosing a car brand

Over the past three or four years, the Korean manufacturer has become an active player in the market. There are two bright players here - Kia and Hyundai. They are distinguished by modern design, which in Hyundai was called even by flowing sculpture.If earlier Koreans were distinguished by a coarse design, low quality of finishing materials, outdated units, assembled under license from famous manufacturers, now they have become worthy competitors with their rather beautiful “face”. In the decoration of salons began to attend expensive materials. Our budget fit models such as Kia Rio, Kia Cerato, Kia Venga, Kia Ceed.

The Hyundai is a model i30, Solaris. For our money we get a car with an engine of 1.4-1.6, with a capacity of 100-125 liters. from.; the transmission is more often a five-speed manual, more rarely an automatic. The package bundle is either basic or medium, but even the basic package includes a fairly rich option. Already in the base, the car is equipped with 6-8 airbags, inertia belts, 15 ’’ tires, an MP3 radio with the ability to connect external media via USB and AUX connectors. Some models have "Multifunction". Climate control in some cases in the basic configuration is represented by a simple air conditioning with manual control. The cars will have power windows on all doors, central locking and power mirrors.The instrument panel is a modern "optitron" with the ability to adjust the brightness of the glow. The slot of the automatic transmission has a stepped groove in the style of Mercedes models.

Ford, with its Focus and Mondeo models, can rightfully be considered another worthy car manufacturer. The third generation of the Focus model has undergone external changes. The interior of the cabin has become more restrained. Here there are also various passive safety systems in the database, an audio system with 6 speakers and the ability to connect external devices. Chip Ford models - is the presence of more expensive equipment winter package options, which include electric heating of the entire windshield, washer nozzles and mirrors. Thus, the manufacturer demonstrates a much better preparation of the car for the harsh winter conditions, sometimes offering the installation of an autonomous Webasto fuel preheater as an option.

If you buy a car for 700,000 rubles from almost any foreign manufacturer, then it will most likely be presented in basic or medium configuration.

What domestic car can I buy? As for the domestic manufacturer, here I would like to mention GAZ Volga Cyber. Modern design, taken from the discontinued Chrysler.The car in the maximum configuration with an automatic transmission and a 2.4-liter engine.

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