How to call a hunter?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
March 5, 2013
How to call a hunter?

Today we hear a lot of controversy about what his passion for a real hunter is. Some say it is a hobby. But others argue that for an avid hunter, hunting is something else, like a passion, a drug, without which a new dose and life is not sweet.

Probably the way it is. After all, if the hunters did not like their hobby so much, would they have been talking about it with such enthusiasm? What are some hunting bikes! Yes, they can be safely carried out in a separate section of folklore! Hunting bikes - separately, fishing - separately. Neither one nor the other will not listen. It’s not for nothing that, jokingly, among themselves, they call the fishermen “quietly crazy”, and the hunters “violently crazy”. Probably, the hunters are "wild" because there is a lot of noise from them.

How to call a hunter, and even an inveterate, figured out. What is called a hunter-loser? Since folk folklore does not go far after the names, everyone takes them from life, then a not very lucky hunter is simply called “masil” (from the word “missed”).I didn’t hit the target once, missed the second or third, and such an indiscreet nickname stuck with you.

For some, hunting is a hobby, and for others - work. Hunters engaged in shooting animals for industrial purposes are called fishermen. And they trade, if we talk about Russia, then, of course, in Siberia. Now work trawlers brigades. But in the old days there were lone hunters. Themselves pounded the beast themselves caught. “Well, and how was a lone hunter called in Siberia?” You ask. And interestingly so called. The Russian people are witty. This hunter was called moonshine.

Maybe you know what else can be called a hunter? Write about it in the comments. After all, different people have different associations about the names.

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