How to call a person?

In our lives, each of us could hear how people in a fit of anger or hatred of others use profanity. For what? And how many options are there, how to call a person or offend him?

About profanity

You ask, how can you call a person? Mat. Yes, it was the mat that settled in the minds of our people for a long time. And it is almost impossible to drive him out. What function does it perform in our speech? Abusive On himself, he transfers to the other person all the negative that comes from the speaker. It hurts to offend, call, laugh or threaten our people without a mate.

In fact, all this can be done without harsh swear words. But to get more effect, people use profanity. And those who often resort to its use know very well how to call a person a mat. The materi lexicon is divided into three groups:

  • Those that designate the genitals of men and women, as well as sexual intercourse;
  • Those who carry the value of the genitals to man;
  • Those that were rudely borrowed from cultural speech.

Many people studied the vocabulary, they gave it their assessment, they classified vulgar expressions. They are based on functional principles that mean stupid people, mean and insignificant, corrupt women and prostitutes. Also used are "results" of physiological functions, for example, "shit".

In the core of the vulgar words of the Russian language lies the sexual foundation. These words are changed, supplemented, derivatives appear from them. These words are often used in phraseological turns.

Mate in real life

Is life real without a mat? If you look at the problem from a theoretical point of view, then yes. After all, there are many options, like to call a person with clever words. For example, a fool can be compared with Ivan the Fool, and lazy to say that he works carelessly. In the Russian prints, fairy tales you can find many heroes with whom you can compare negative people. But the most important thing is not to go too far and try not to offend people.

How insulting to call a person

Sometimes people offend people. Often this happens when the person called in has health problems. And it forms the basis of expletives: kulgavy, blind, underdeveloped, and so on.Such words hurt a person doubly, he cannot always protect himself, considers himself an inferior member of society, even his illness can progress more.

Another way of offensive "calling off" is to tell the truth. None of us is not without sin, everyone has some flaws. Therefore, any person will be hurt when these shortcomings will speak to him directly in the face, and even worse - in public.

And you can and without abuse

And then there are options when you can beautifully call a person. That is, if the girl is thin - a reed, if plump - pyshechka and so on. You can convey the meaning of pleasant words that do not offend people.

In communication, often people also use swear words. But they are not used to call a person, but for a simple bunch of words and the transfer of their thoughts and emotions to another person.

The reasons why people denounce each other are of interest to many scientists. Dictionaries of Russian mats and dissertations have been written for a long time. On the threshold of the primitive communal system were already manifestations of profanity. The mats expressed themselves in the direction of the enemies and by this they made them understand that they were inappropriate here, they needed to go further.

Love your neighbor

And nevertheless, try not to call each other names, do without profanity, it makes the vocabulary of a person poor. Indeed, in such cases, all the normal words that should be pronounced are replaced by abusive words, they leave your speech. There is evidence that suggests that the longer a person curses and calls others abusive words, the longer he will not return to normal Russian speech.

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