How to care for shoes?

Shoes - this is not just a detail of the wardrobe, it is an important accessory that completes the whole ensemble of the toilet and places accents. By shoe, you can determine not only the financial status, but also how accurate its owner is.

If it is wrong to care for shoes, then it will quickly lose an attractive look, and even the most expensive shoes will look untidy. How to take care of your shoes will help a few tips:

  • should be worn with a special horn,
  • do not step on the back,
  • clean, dry, impregnate and polish it regularly.

For the manufacture of shoes most often used these types of leather:

  • smooth
  • ground,
  • suede,
  • nubuck
  • varnished
  • shagreen,
  • nappa and so on

It is important to be aware of what type of leather your shoes are made in order to know how to care for leather shoes and not harm it.

How to care for suede shoes

Suede and nubuck is a “capricious skin” that needs special care. Nubuck is fleecy polished chrome tanned leather. Suede is a tanned leather.Suede and nubuck shoes should not be worn in rainy weather.

So, when caring for suede shoes, first dry cleaning is carried out. To cleanse dust and dirt, a special eraser is used to preserve the rough structure of the skin. There are also special brushes: on the one hand, rubber “fingers”, and on the other, a metallized bristle, which combs the groomed area. Effective and popular method of cleaning suede - rubbed with a piece of bread. There are many special means of aerosols for the care of suede, which you should not save on: for impregnation, for refreshing the color, for creating a barrier for the penetration of dirt, moisture, salts.

Recommendations on how to care for nubuck shoes are the same as for the care of suede. When buying shoes from nubuck leather, you must immediately treat the skin with a special spray paint for nubuck with a waterproof effect in order to maintain the original color and hide the scuffs. In the future, regularly handle a special water-repellent impregnation.

How to care for patent leather

Lacquer (lacquered) leather is a type of chrome-tanned leather with a special lacquer coating applied, which gives the skin a mirror-like shine.If you want your pair of varnish shoes to always have a festive look and not fade, then you need to take into account some of the nuances of how to care for patent leather. This type of skin is less durable than normal smooth. It is cracked by dampness, frost and heat.

To prevent cracking, the lacquered skin is periodically lubricated with petroleum jelly, glycerin or castor oil. Can not be brushed, as the scratched surface quickly fades. You should buy special products for the care of lacquered skin, water-based, as universal remedies may contain substances that can destroy the delicate lacquer film, or leave fat stains. Do not ignore the rules, how to care for lacquered shoes and it will be a long time to please the eye with gloss and gloss.

The most common and practical type of footwear is shoes made of smooth leather. In order for shoes from smooth leather to have a good appearance and serve for a long time, first of all it should be protected from moisture, dust and other contaminants.

If you are often in extreme conditions, it is necessary to carry out regular processing of special wax for shoes.It forms a protective film that becomes a barrier against moisture, snow, salt and frost. There are still important moments in the question of how to care for shoes: it is cleaning, polishing and drying. Clean smooth skin should be, using special creams, after cleansing shoes from dirt with a damp cloth and dried. Smooth leather shoe creams come in two forms: emulsion and organic solvent-based. Emulsion does not prevent the skin to "breathe." The second type of creams help to quickly get rid of impurities and do not require subsequent polishing. Polishing gives the shoe a radiant look. It is carried out with the use of special aerosols and creams, carefully rubbing it to shine with the help of flannel or velvet fabric.

White shoes

Holders of light shoes should carefully consider how to care for white shoes so that it does not become an undesirable shade. It is necessary to use colorless care products.

To dry shoes of any kind of leather should be at room temperature, stuffing the paper inside. In no case on the battery.

Shoes made of synthetic materials, treated with petroleum jelly to prevent cracking. Sports and textile shoes can be washed. There are also special care products for the sole.

Properly care for your shoes and be irresistible in it.

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