How to check a man?

Many women see in the man they meet with not only a temporary partner, but also a life partner. They expect to marry him. If you are one of these women, then you should check your partner for the sincerity of his feelings for you: is he really sincere and how serious is his relationship. Learn how to check the feelings of men.

Make him jealous

Try to cause a feeling of jealousy in your man, the main thing is not to get carried away with this activity. Flirt in front of his eyes with a familiar man, or just kindly smile at a stranger. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of your second half. If you are not indifferent to him, he will surely make a remark to you, and you will feel jealous of him. Recall once again that you do not need to flirt, because a simple test can lead to a serious quarrel.

Culture of behavior

It is also worth paying attention to whether he cares about you. Does it give you a hand when leaving the car, holds the door in front of you and helps to carry weights.The desire to help even in such trifles makes it clear that he really sincerely cares about you on a subconscious level. View your correspondence by e-mail or SMS messages. Here it is worth paying attention to how he finishes his messages. See if the words of love are present in them: “I kiss,” “embrace”, “miss”, “love”.

Familiarity with close surroundings

Try asking for a meeting with his friends. Remember that for any man the opinion of his environment is very important. Sometimes it even comes first. Therefore, if he is embarrassed to introduce you to his close circle, then he is clearly not sure about his feelings, as well as the further development of your relationship. This means that he does not associate you as a real pair. Thinking how to check a man? Ask him to give you a small service, for example, to record a collection of music on a disc or movie. It will let you know if a man is ready to spend even a very small part of his personal time on you In doing so, you need to monitor the result: if he remembers your request, and also how quickly it will fulfill it. In case he completely forgot what you asked him for, it means that he is not ready to spend his free time on you.

Familiarity with the family

You should also pay attention to whether he introduces you to his relatives. At the initial stages of a relationship, as a rule, a man hides his other half from close people, because he himself cannot yet be sure of his feelings. It is clear that he is unlikely to want to acquaint the mistress with his parents, but can invite her to the company of friends in order to boast. But a man always starts to lead a candidate for the place of his future wife according to his friends and acquaintances, as well as brothers and sisters, eventually presenting her to his parents. This may mean that his feelings are quite stable and definite.

View from the outside

You can also ask your girlfriend with your boyfriend or spouse to join you in going to the cinema, theater or restaurant. Let her carefully observe his behavior. She will need to point out if he respects you and if he gives you any invisible signs of attention. A good friend knows you far from the first day and will be able to tell you all the comments and conclusions made by her. Remember that from the outside, it is always clearer how harmonious a couple looks and what kind of relationship between partners reigns in their relationship. Do not know how to check the feelings of a man? Look at his attitude and communication with other women.When a man is truly truly in love and has serious intentions, he stops communicating with all other women. He keeps the number of contacts with them to a minimum. In this case, even friends of the opposite sex lack communication with him, as he is completely absorbed in his second half. This is the main indicator that a man chose you; now you can reduce your “checks” to a minimum.

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