How to conceive a child if it fails?

Each person sooner or later thinks about becoming a parent. And when this happens, I want to do everything very quickly. Many couples wish with all their hearts, but can not have a baby for a long time. The question of how to conceive a child, if it does not work out, cannot be quickly and simply answered. All sorts of reasons for this great variety. You can only give advice and recommendations.

What to do to quickly get pregnant

  • The first step to a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby for each couple should be a health check. What kind of research will determine your gynecologist. This is usually a test for sexually transmitted infections, HIV and syphilis, and pelvic ultrasound.
  • The second step is to give up bad habits. Proved that excessive drinking and smoking leads to a decrease in the probability of a successful conception. It should be remembered that male sperm is updated two months, so a man should refrain from bad habits, two months before the planned conception.
  • Both women and men need to monitor their weight, and both excess and deficiency can reduce the chance of conception. It should also normalize physical activity, since their large number adversely affects conception.
  • If a woman fails to conceive a child for a long time, she begins to get upset and worry, it is possible to get depressed, and in no case should this be done. Stress and depression have a negative effect on conception, this is especially true for women. Remember that the human body is sensitive and will not take on an even greater burden, such as pregnancy. Take small walks every day, it helps to calm, and also helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Try not to take any medications, especially antibiotics.
  • Proper nutrition is also a prerequisite for successful conception. It should be in sufficient quantities to use vegetables, herbs, cereal and bread, rich in folic acid. Men are often advised to eat fish, meat and nuts. They increase sperm motility. It should be removed from the diet of flour, sweet, as well as products containing dyes and preservatives.

How to determine the day of ovulation

One of the reasons why it is impossible to conceive a child can be an incorrectly chosen period for sexual intercourse. Every woman who wants to quickly become pregnant should be able to determine the day of her ovulation. With a regular cycle, it is not difficult to do this; for this, it is necessary to subtract 14 from the length of your cycle. For example, 29-14 = 15, then it is on the 15th day from the onset of menstruation that ovulation is most likely and, therefore, conception.

If the cycle is irregular or you want to more accurately verify the day of ovulation, there are special methods for determining it. Pharmacies sell special ovulation tests, ultrasound of the ovaries can determine whether ovulation has occurred or not. Also effective is the method of determining the day of ovulation by measuring the basal temperature.

When should you have sex

The most favorable are the so-called fertile days. When calculating the fertile period, it should be noted that the spermatozoon can live up to 7 days (on average 5 days) after intercourse, and the egg can be fertilized for some time after ovulation (most likely 1-2 days). Usually fertile consider days seven days before and two days after ovulation. Thus, according to statistics, fertile periods are considered from the 9th to the 20th days of the cycle.

It should be remembered that for high-quality male sperm, regular sex is of great importance. However, its excess will also negatively affect conception, as frequent ejaculation reduces the amount of sperm. There should be a balance. Scientists recommend having sex once every two or three days.

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