How to conceive from the first time?

All of us at a certain stage of life feel the need to continue the race. In some people it happens earlier, and in others it happens much later. However, when this happens, you want to conceive a child the first time. After all, if the first time does not work, then doubts may arise, and with them a nervous state. And it is to us to anything. We will talk about how to conceive from the first time.

Experts say that in order to get pregnant the first time you need two main factors:

  1. healthy sperm in a man;
  2. ovulation in women.

If a woman has regular menstrual cycles, then it is easy to determine the day of ovulation. In the end, you can simply buy an ovulation test in the nearest pharmacy. But as for the quality, healthy sperm in a man, then things are a little more complicated. Sperm is completely renewed in about two months. Therefore, for two months, a man should lead the most healthy lifestyle. Today, everyone knows what a healthy lifestyle is: giving up all bad habits, proper, balanced nutrition, sports, walking, and so on.In addition, it is recommended not to wear too tight underwear and take hot baths. Sperm quality also improves frequent sex. The best is to engage them once every two or three days.

In addition to the above factors, there are a number of recommendations. Read them in order to learn how to conceive the first time.

  • Stress. You should be protected from stress as much as possible and become stress resistant. After all, it is known that stress affects our body, every organ, and the reproductive system is no exception.
  • Bad habits. To give up alcohol and cigarettes should not only men but also women. They say that women who smoke have chances of getting pregnant from the first time less by thirty percent than non-smokers. In addition, even coffee adversely affects the conception of a child. If a man takes anabolic steroids, then he should stop doing it in advance.
  • Conception time. Many doctors believe that getting pregnant is easiest in early spring or late autumn. During this period, our body is in good condition thanks to the vegetables and fruits that it consumed in the summer.As for the time of day, it is considered that it will be easier to get pregnant in the morning than in the evening or at night.
  • Balanced diet. Women should eat more greens, vegetables, various cereals, which are very useful. In addition, you should eat dairy products. Men should prefer products that significantly increase sperm motility: nuts, meat, fish. Both should be removed from the diet of flour and sweet.
  • Sex. The classic “missionary” position is recommended. A woman is lying on her back with her hips raised. If a woman has a bend in the uterus, then a posture is more suitable when the man is in the back. Do not use any lubricants. They are able to create an environment that will negatively affect sperm. After the end of sexual intercourse, it is recommended to put a pillow under the woman’s hips and lie down for about ten minutes.

Now you know how to conceive from the first time a healthy child. We believe that you will succeed!

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