How to connect Pioneer?

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How to connect Pioneer?

The radio tape recorder is an obligatory element of any modern motor transport. But if this device is not in the initial configuration of the car, you can easily install it yourself. In addition, some car owners like to install third-party audio systems in order to improve sound quality and use more functional tape recorders with the support of such important interfaces as USB or Bluetooth.

You can install and connect the Pioneer car radio on almost any car. The manufacturer has taken care of installing standard external interfaces that ensure full compatibility with a large number of machines.

How to connect Pioneer do it yourself?

First you need to determine which connectors are used on the radio and installed in the car. If the vehicle has 2 connectors of 8 pins, then there should be no problems, since most simple car stereos are equipped with such interfaces. Otherwise, you need to purchase the appropriate adapters on the car market in sections with car accessories.

It is worth considering that the wiring for connecting the radio can not be laid at the factory, if you buy a model of the car without audio preparation. In this case, the wiring under the interior trim and connect it to the electrical system of the car will have to independently.

Connecting a Pioneer radio with two 8-pin connectors:

  1. Find the connector on the radio tape recorder, which is denoted by the symbol “A”; it is responsible for connecting the power supply and the antenna;
  2. Find the corresponding connector on the wiring of the car (if the car passed audio preparation or another radio tape recorder was installed before), it should be brown and be marked with the symbol “A”;
  3. Connect the connectors, taking into account the position of the “key” (small protrusion on the narrow edge) on them;
  4. Twist the excess wire and pull it off with a plastic cord so that it does not fall out into the cabin;
  5. Locate on the radio 8-pin jack labeled "B", which is responsible for connecting the acoustic peripherals (speakers, subwoofer).
  6. Find under the torpedo black 8-pin connector, which is marked with the symbol "B";
  7. Connect these connectors so that the “key” on them coincides;
  8. Twist the excess wire and pull it off with a plastic bundle;
  9. Install the radio in a niche.

When connecting the radio, you should clearly observe the marking of connectors and wires, as the wrong connection is likely to damage the device. Also, before starting the installation, it is necessary to shut off the car and disconnect the positive terminal of the battery.

Marking wiring connectors

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase an adapter or you have to do the wiring from scratch, then you should study the labeling of the wires to connect them directly. In this case, at the junction, it is best to use soldering so that the contact does not move due to shaking while the car is moving.

The following wires are connected to connector “A”:

  • A4 (red) - provides power to the non-volatile memory of the device, which is responsible for storing the settings when the ignition is off. It is connected via a fuse to the positive terminal of the battery.
  • A5 (blue) - is responsible for connecting to the car antenna.
  • A7 (yellow) - provides power to the entire speaker system.Through the fuse, it connects to the ignition terminal, and from it to the battery, which protects it from full discharge if you forget to turn off the music while standing.
  • A8 (black) - used to connect the radio to the mass.

That is, of the 8 pins on the connector, only 4 are used. Do not forget to insulate the wiring carefully before supplying power.

The following wires are connected to connector “B”:

  • B1 and B2 (purple and purple-black) - are connected to the rear right speaker: the first wire to the positive terminal and the second to the negative;
  • B3 and B4 (gray and gray-black) - are connected to the front right speaker with respect for polarity: B3 on "+" and B4 on "-";
  • B5 and B6 (black and white-black) - connects to the front left speaker: the first to “+”, the second to “-”;
  • B7 and B8 (green and green-black) - are connected to the rear left speaker with respect to polarity: the first wire is to the positive terminal, and the second is to the negative.

If you do not observe the polarity, there will be no serious problems, but the sound will be slightly distorted. When connecting the radio, use only high-quality wiring, which will provide the most clear sound.

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