How to connect Zyxel Keenetic?

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How to connect Zyxel Keenetic?

Setting up an Internet center is not much more difficult than a regular wired router, but this device opens up much more possibilities for its owner than a standard router. With this device you can not only distribute the Internet, but also connect printers, drives or a usb modem.

In this article we will figure out how to connect Zyxel Keenetic.

Physical connection

Before you begin setting dam, you need to connect a router:

  1. Connect power /
  2. Plug the network cable into the WAN-connector behind the router /
  3. Connect the network adapter connector of the PC to one of the yellow colored LAN ports.

Network settings

Next, proceed to the configuration of the network card:

  1. Turn on the computer and go to the Start menu.
  2. In Network Connections, find Local Area Connection. Right-click on it and open Properties.
  3. In the "TCPIPv4 Protocol Properties" set all the settings to "Receive automatically."
  4. If the data is not registered automatically, manually set the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers.

Next you have to proceed directly to setting up the router itself. To do this, you can use the special NetFriend program or perform manual configuration via the web interface.

Setup with NetFriend

First, consider the work of the program NetFriend.

  1. Launch your browser. You will see the welcome page of the program.
  2. Select "Quick Setup". The connection test starts.
  3. Next, check if your provider registers the MAC address. Select the appropriate item.
  4. In the settings column of the IP address, specify the type “Automatic”. If you are using a dynamic ip, then select the setting manually and list the information about the gateway, ip-address, subnet mask and DNS servers.
  5. In the next window, you must enter the login and password for access to the Network, which you received when you signed a contract with the provider.
  6. Specify the type of Internet connection in accordance with the recommendations of the provider.
  7. If all previous settings have been made correctly, access to the Internet will open on your computer, and the program will offer to install updates. Click “Refresh”.
  8. After installing updates, the program will report that the Internet connection has been established.Then you can go to its use.
  9. If you need to make more detailed settings for connecting to the Internet, you can use the web configurator. To do this, enter in the browser address A welcome window will open again. Click the web configurator button.

Setting up and connecting the Internet manually is done via a web interface. To do this, open a browser and enter your gateway address in the address bar.

You will be prompted for your username (admin) and password (1234). Further configuration depends on your connection type.

Setup using a TV cable

  1. Go to the "Internet Connection" tab.
  2. In the "Setting the IP Settings" section, select "Automatic."
  3. In the column "Use the MAC address" write "Take from the computer."
  4. Register the MAC address of the computer. If you are setting up the Internet for the first time and you have only one computer connected to the network, write down its address. If you are going to connect the computer to an existing network, then select the MAC address of the computer that was connected first.
  5. Fill in the rest of the information about the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS addresses that you can check with your provider.

Setup using a dedicated line, without a TV-cable

  1. In the column "Internet access protocol" write PPTP.
  2. The server address is provided by the provider.
  3. Use your login and password to access the Internet.
  4. Authentication method - Auto-detect.
  5. Data security - not used.
  6. In the last column on resetting the WAN interface, we tick the box.

Setting up a wireless connection is configured there in the column "Wi-Fi network".

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