How to cook lamb pilaf

Plov is considered one of the main dishes in the Uzbekkitchen. It should be noted that it is long and difficult to prepare it. To prepare a real Uzbek pilaf from mutton, you need to take into account a large number of nuances, as well as know some subtleties. As a result, each hostess prepares a special pilaf, which has its own unique taste. There are different ways of making this delicious and fragrant dish.

Ideally, Uzbek pilaf from muttonis done on an open fire in a cast iron or aluminum cauldron with a round and thick bottom. Of course, to go out of town "for pilaf", as "for shish kebabs" - the idea is good. But in most cases, pilaf is made at home on an electric or gas stove. Kazan with a round bottom is difficult to put on the burner. But you can buy a special brazier, in which the bottom outside is flat and round inside. The main condition: the dishes must have a thick bottom.

How to cook pilaf from mutton? This will require 0.5 kg of lamb, 1 kg of rice, 0.5 kg of carrots, 5 heads of onions, 250 grams of fat (you can use oil). And also spices - salt, barberry, pepper, zira.

The dishes should be heated to 100 degrees. It is difficult to measure the temperature, of course. But you can, for example, check it with a drop of water. If the water evaporates quickly, then you can spread lard or butter. If you are going to cook pilaf from lamb on fat, then you need to cut it into small cubes, sip and pull out cracklings. Fat will need to be boiled until the time when grayish smoke appears (do not forget about the hood!). After that, the fire should be reduced, and the smoke will gradually lighten. Then throw a pinch of salt into the hot fat. If you do everything right, you will hear a characteristic crack. Also, instead of salt, you can put half a bulb for 10-15 seconds. This is done so that the fat does not bitter. In addition, harmful substances are neutralized in the fat.

Then onions are thrown onions, cut into rings. Now comes one of the crucial moments in the preparation of the dish. The thing is that you need not miss the moment when the onion becomes reddish, crunchy and does not have time to burn. If you miss this moment, pilaf will be bitter. As soon as the onion reaches the desired "condition", meat is laid out, cut into cubes. When the meat is well fried, carrots are added, cut into strips. It is better to rub it by hand, but it is also possible on a large grater. Products must be fried until half cooked on medium heat.

After this, pour water into the dishes, which shouldlightly cover the entire contents. Once the sauce has boiled, add salt and spices. Then reduce the fire and have patience. The sauce should be left to boil for 25-30 minutes.

Finally, the time has come for laying out the rice. The rice, thoroughly washed, is laid flat on top of the gravy. Do not stir anything! Then gently fill the water, "layers" should remain in their places. The water should be just above the rice level by about 2 centimeters. After this you need to put the cooking zone to maximum. And on such a strong fire the pilaf is cooked until all the water is evaporated. Then you need to reduce the gas to a minimum and collect the rice with a wooden spoon, forming a slide. "Gorka" must be pierced in several places with the other end of a wooden spoon. Then cover the rice for 20-25 minutes. When the pilaf from mutton is cooked, it needs to be well mixed. Meat is placed from above, when served on the table. As a side dish, you can use salads from fresh vegetables.

When preparing this dish, it is important to correctly select the strength of the fire on the burner. When the pilaf is cooked at the stake, it is very difficult to regulate the temperature.

Pilaf made of lamb, cooked all overrules, it takes two and a half hours. It is not every landlord who can allocate so much time. Usually all the steps are shortened. However, the results are very different, and for the worse.

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