How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring

How serious is snoring? Does the phenomenon indicate any abnormalities in the body? How to cure snoring? Which doctor should do therapy? Can I buy snoring medicine at pharmacies? Answers to these and other questions will be considered further in the material.

how to cure snoring

What is snoring?

According to medical terminology, snoring is a process that accompanies breathing in a dream and is expressed by specific sounds. The essence of the process is the emergence of distinct low frequency vibrations during the passage of air through the tissues of the nasopharynx. Snoring is considered a violation of the physiology of respiration. Experts call the phenomenon of ronhopathy. They determine why snoring occurs in a dream, the causes and treatment, doctors, who are called somnologists.


There are many prerequisites for snoring. Irritating sounds during sleep are able to appear under the influence of the following factors:

  • The curvature of the nasal septum.
  • Swelling of the tissues of the respiratory organs.
  • The formation of polyps in the nasal cavity.
  • An increase in the volume of the tonsils.
  • Congenital narrow lumen of the nasopharynx.
  • The presence of significant fat deposits in the tissues near the walls of the pharynx.
  • Large size of the language.
  • Excessive relaxation of the pharyngeal muscles during sleep.

Among doctors there is a perception that the causes of snoring development can be not only problems with the nasopharynx. The phenomenon can be observed in persons who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, muscle injuries, suffer from diseases of the nervous system and thyroid gland.

What kind of doctor to call for snoring?

The first specialist to be recommended for consultation is the otolaryngologist. Doctors represented specialization engaged in resolving the problems of patients who suffer from pathologies of the respiratory tract. It is violations of this nature that most often cause snoring.

snoring in sleep causes and treatment

How to cure snoring is also able to prompt a somnologist.Such doctors are engaged in determining the factors that lead to sleep disorders. A visit to this doctor will allow to form an integrated approach to treatment, as well as to eliminate the pathologies that the otolaryngologist could not cope with.

Oddly enough, tell how to cure snoring, can a dentist. The intervention of such a specialist will benefit people who have difficulty breathing due to the irregular shape of the jaw or its excessive narrowing. The problem of snoring in this case is overcome by the manufacture of individual devices, which increases the lumen of the respiratory tract.


What research can be prescribed in the presence of snoring? First of all, the doctor conducts a visual inspection of the nasopharynx. If no abnormality is detected, a blood pressure measurement can be assigned, testing the functioning of the respiratory organs. In order to exclude independent pathologies, specialists often refer patients for x-ray examination.

remedy for snoring in pharmacies

An effective method for determining the cause of snoring is cephalometry.The method consists in finding the connection between respiratory failure and the features of the anatomical structure of the skull. Additionally, the doctor may resort to somnografii - the study of the patient's behavior during the night rest.

Is snoring dangerous to health?

One of the typical consequences of this phenomenon is a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue after a night of rest. The result of a breathing disorder is intermittent sleep. The human brain is periodically excited, and the body does not relax completely. Thus, when snoring accumulates fatigue. Against this background, there are often nervous disorders.

Dangerous snoring is apnea. The bottom line is short-term cessation of breathing during sleep. The phenomenon is fraught with a delay in natural ventilation of the lungs, an oxygen deficiency in the blood. Sometimes this leads to sudden nocturnal heart attacks, strokes and even cardiac arrest.

Snoring is a pathological factor that can lead to the development of tachycardia, arterial hypertension, and other heart diseases. Moreover, such problems can affect both the body of an adult and a child.

For children, snoring is fraught with delays in physical development. In the absence of high-quality nighttime rest in the body of babies, somatotropic hormones stop being produced in sufficient quantities. The latter are responsible for the growth of the body.

Eliminate snoring with a silicone clip

To prevent undesirable consequences allows the use of silicone clips from snoring. The device is worn at the base of the nasal sinus web. The clip is used for reflexotherapy, affecting biologically active points.

snoring pills

Regular stimulation of the zone on the threshold of the nasal passages makes it possible to tone the surrounding tissues. The use of the drug also has a positive effect on the state of the larynx and palate. Gradually, the muscles get used to these effects, which eliminates some causes of snoring.

Special gymnastics

You can get rid of snoring if you resort to simple exercises. Gymnastics suggests the following. It is necessary to stick the tongue out of the mouth to the limit and keep it in a static position for a few seconds. Then they should turn slightly in different directions.You also need to perform a light pressure on the chin, moving the lower jaw back and forth. Resort to such events is recommended daily in the morning and evening. Snoring with this approach begins to disappear after a few weeks.

Snoring sprays

Pharmacies offer a whole lot of anti-snoring sprays. The most effective are such means as "Doctor Snore", "Asonor", "Silence". They are not drugs, but only contain biologically active additives. The components of these drugs soften the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, eliminate the feeling of dryness in the throat and sinuses.

snoring in a child

Many people develop snoring due to allergic rhinitis. Pathology is characterized by nasal congestion and the appearance of abundant mucous discharge. The use of Nasonex spray, which contains glucocorticosteroids, allows to eliminate the problem. The drug also acts as an excellent tool to facilitate breathing with an enlarged tonsil in the sky and the presence of adenoids. The active ingredients of such a spray have anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membranes, relieve puffiness.You can buy a specified remedy for snoring in pharmacies. At the same time, in order to facilitate breathing during a night's rest, a course of treatment with a duration of 1 to 3 months will be required.

You can also use Snoreks for snoring. Reviews of doctors show that this spray is very effective. It greatly facilitates breathing through the nose, reduces the volume of secreted mucus, prevents the growth of the tonsils, leads to the tone of the muscles of the respiratory tract. If you want to get rid of snoring using the drug "Snoreks" can be forever. For these purposes, it is necessary to apply the remedy daily for a month, and when returning unpleasant symptoms, repeat the course of therapy.

Snoring pills

A safe drug to eliminate the problem is SnorStop. This homeopathic remedy is made on the basis of components of plant origin: belladonna, ephedra, Canadian yellow root, Dubrovnik. Auxiliary substances in the composition are potassium dichromate and histamine.

how to get rid of snoring man folk remedies

SnorStop snoring tablets are indicated for use in cases where snoring develops against the background of the presence of polyps in the upper respiratory tract, as well as with the curvature of the nasal septum.At the same time, the drug is not able to cope with the development of apnea (short stop breathing during sleep).


How to get rid of snoring man? Folk remedies, tested by time, make it possible to effectively deal with the problem. So, what methods are considered the most effective?

  1. Cure snoring is potentially a remedy based on cabbage juice. A glass of such raw materials must be combined with a tablespoon of honey. The tool is recommended to drink every time you go to bed. A positive effect occurs within a few weeks.
  2. Eliminate the trouble allows the tool prepared from medicinal plants. To prepare the medicine, it is enough to mix a tablespoon of elderberry with the same amount of sabel root, as well as burdock and horsetail. Ingredients should be crushed with a coffee grinder. The resulting mass should be poured boiling water and insist for an hour. Take this composition at least 5 times a day, one tablespoon. You need to use the tool until snoring completely disappears.
  3. Another affordable solution for getting rid of snoring is sea buckthorn oil. The substance must be dripped (1-2 drops) in each nostril before bedtime.Expected results are noted after the passage of 2-3 weeks.

Removing snoring with surgery

What else can be the treatment of snoring? Surgery may be required when difficulty breathing during a night's sleep results in the presence of anatomical defects in the nasopharynx. This may be a curvature of the sky or nasal septum, the presence of various polyps. Surgical intervention is prescribed in cases where snoring carries a potential health hazard, and not a single homeopathic method can eliminate the problem.

snoring treatment

Snoring in a child can be treated by acupressure of the sky with low temperature. An alternative is the burning of local tissue with a laser. Perform such operations with the following purpose. As a result of thermal effects on mucous membranes burns occur. During wound healing, there is a natural reduction in tissue volumes. That is, more free space is formed for the passage of air during breathing.

Adults often remove, by surgery, excess tissue in the tonsil area, remove polyps and perform nasal septum repair.Such solutions are quite effective when it comes to fighting snoring. However, they have some drawbacks. During the rehabilitation period, a person has to experience tangible pain. Postoperative bleeding may also occur.

Useful tips

There are several recommendations that further suggest how to cure snoring:

  1. During sleep, it is contraindicated to lie on your back. Such a posture often leads to a fall of the tongue and, as a result, a breathing disorder. Get rid of the arbitrary turning on his back during the rest will allow one simple reception. A pocket is sewn on the pajamas in the shoulder blades where the tennis ball fits. With such a decision, a person will definitely wake up if he starts tossing and turning in his sleep. After a few months of passage, a reflex is produced that precludes taking a posture on the back.
  2. If you are treating snoring, do not drink alcohol shortly before bedtime. All kinds of tranquilizers and sleeping pills are also contraindicated. Reception of the latter causes excessive relaxation of the muscles of the nasopharynx. The result is increased snoring.
  3. Treatment of snoring is possible due to the elimination of excess weight. As practice shows, a decrease in body weight of some 10% helps to ease breathing during the night's rest.
  4. People who are trying to figure out how to cure snoring need to quit smoking. The use of tobacco products often leads to inflammation of the tissues of the trachea and pharynx. The phenomenon may become chronic. The result is a permanent swelling of the walls of the respiratory tract.

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How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring 3

How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring 52

How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring 100

How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring 92

How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring 82

How to cure snoring: recommendations, methods, drugs. What kind of doctor to use for snoring 85