How to deal with Medvedka?

Medvedka is one of the worst enemies of all gardeners, and those who have encountered this scourge know that it is not so easy to get rid of it. Medvedka lives in the upper layers of the soil, making moves in it, eating at the same time the root systems of plants, gnawing the stems, causing their death. In addition, the insect multiplies rather quickly and in large quantities, eggs can be from 100 to 350 pieces. About how to deal with Medvedka, and will be discussed further.

In order to defeat the enemy, you need to know everything about him. An adult individual can reach a size of up to 7 cm. In the warm season, the burrows and moves of the bear are near the surface of the earth, while in winter the insect goes to a depth of one meter.

Most of the time, the bear lives under the ground, but she likes to warm up on the surface of the earth, which she does mostly at night, besides she is able to fly at a height of up to 1 m. Eggs bear lays in the soil near its surface. The insect carefully monitors the nest, so if you find a nest, then it should be a move to its hole.And knowing where the insect's hole is, you can easily destroy it using the methods listed below.

How to deal with Medvedka: folk remedies

  • Water or beer traps. If you want to use water, then a 2/3 can filled with water should be buried in the ground near the beds in which insects have settled, so that the top of the can is flush with the ground. For a more effective catch of the bear in the water, you can add beer. In addition, you can use bottles, pour beer into them for bait, and bury the bottle in the ground at an angle of 45 ° so that the neck is near the surface of the earth, after a couple of days, change the trap to a new one.
  • Pouring water with kerosene or powder into the holes of a bearfish kills them, and if they survived, they will get out, where you safely slam them.
  • Planting seedlings using plastic bottles with a cut off top and bottom, the length of the bottle should be 10-15 cm. This will protect the roots of plants, the bottle should go 4-5 cm above the ground.
  • In addition, it helps to repel a bear dipped in sand moistened with kerosene, which must be sprinkled around the beds and on between. However, remember that the scarecrow of the polar bear is a very dubious way of dealing with it, because it will simply move from your garden to the nearest one, from which it can easily return to you later.

How to deal with Medvedka: chemicals

It is better to use folk remedies for the extermination of the pest, since toxic chemicals can be eaten not only by the bear, but also by birds and small animals useful for you, including domestic ones. But if there is no other way out, then use chemicals. Poisonous bait is usually laid out in the pits along the beds in which the insect lives to a depth of 3-5 cm, the distance between the baits should be 20-30 cm, be sure to sprinkle the toxic chemicals with earth to protect from poisoning the useful animals and birds.

In addition, you can use drugs such as Medvedtoks-U, Aktar 25 WG, Prestige 290 FS for wetting the roots of seedlings before planting them in open ground.

How to deal with Medvedka: protective measures

  • At the end of September, dig a few traps in your plot: pits 50–60 cm deep and fill them with manure mixed with straw (it is better to use horse manure). Medvedki climb in the trap for wintering. Then, in late autumn or at the onset of the first cold weather, dig up traps, scatter the manure, and destroy the bears that had gathered there. Such traps can be done in early May.
  • Fight against reproduction: digging up beds and beds, especially active from May to June. Loosening the ground should be at a depth of at least 15 cm. Eggs and larvae in damaged clutches die. In addition, inspect the beds for the presence of nests, especially pay attention to the places where the most dry plants, probably on these beds and insects settled.

Now you know several methods of how to deal with a bear, but remember, it is important not only to destroy adult individuals, but also to fight against their reproduction. Whatever method of struggle you choose, repeat it every 2-3 weeks. It is difficult to get rid of a bear; for some, it takes several planting seasons.

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