How to decorate a table for children?

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How to decorate a table for children?

Birthday is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday in the year of each child. On this day, children are waiting for gifts and increased attention from relatives and parents.

Careful moms have a lot of fuss aboutkitchen, besides, she needs to take care of the beautiful and memorable design of the festive table, which will be remembered for a long time. Now we will talk about the nuances of decorating the table for a children's birthday.

How to Arrange Guests

To decide how you want to make a table, you needto know how many guests should come and how many children there will be. If it is expected that some guests will come with children and will have many friends birthday, cover two tables: the first for adults, and the second for children.

The children's table can be made both buffet and ordinary. In any case, the children's table needs a beautiful festive decoration.

Of course, the birthday should take center stage. The rest of the guests let them sit where they like best.

How to decorate a children's table: rules

  • First of all, take care of the colorfultablecloth. Light luxury tablecloths are not appropriate. Try to choose variegated tablecloths with drawings. In general, you can buy a special children's tablecloth, which depicts the heroes of your favorite cartoons and fairy tales. The most practical option is an oilcloth. Now there is a wide variety of beautiful holiday glues, so choosing the right one will not be difficult.
  • Then pick up napkins with colorful designs. They can be putDecorate the table for childrenunder each plate, put in napkins or fold in original ways.
  • To make the festive table bright, you can use disposable dishes with pictures, besides it is very convenient, because children are not careful - they often drop and beat dishes.
  • A successful addition to the table will be bunches, but not from real flowers, but from chupa-chups. In general, you can decorate the table with something edible. And in the transparent cups you can pour the colored candies - M & Ms.
  • Holiday dishes will not only taste goodfood, but also a kind of decoration of the table, if you approach them originally. Different canapés on colored skewers are very popular with children. For small children it is better to use tartlets - they are safer.
  • Make sandwiches in the form of ladybirds. To do this, take 2 halves of the tomato - it will be the wings, and the black olive - the head of the insect. Plant the ladybird on a piece of cheese and sausage.

You can find many useful tips on decorating the table with snacks and other treats in the article How to decorate the table.

If you are facing the task of decorating a room for a children's holiday, then you will need information in the article How to decorate a children's birthday.

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