How to make the bar?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 22, 2017
How to make the bar?

If you do not have time for a full exercise or gymnastics in the morning, and you want to keep your body in good shape, use the simple and short exercise plank. It is easy to perform, it is useful at any age, takes literally five minutes, and it benefits the whole body: the back, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs.


For the strap is very important to observe the correct position of the body, so if you have never done it before, you should prepare. Stand with your back against the wall, put your legs together and put your heels on. You will have a clear support, the walls will also touch the buttocks, the back of the head and the shoulder blades. In the lower back, a natural deflection will appear with a thickness of no more than in the palm - pass it between the back and the wall for testing; shoulders slightly down. It is recommended to keep the body for several days so that it remembers the position, and then proceed to the bar. You can practice it in the morning and evening for a few minutes.

How to perform?

Lie on your stomach, place your forearms parallel to each other and bring them closer to your body, put your palms on the floor, close your legs, put your feet on toes. Take a neutral position, stand in the bar, place your elbows under the shoulder joints and hold yourself in this position. Your buttocks, hips, body, between the shoulder blades, many muscles will be strained. With proper alignment, the body will stretch in a straight line to its full height, with deflections in the neck and lower back. Weight will be distributed between the feet and forearms.

Options slats

  1. Classic - on the forearms. Bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees, stand right on your toes, straighten your body and stand for as long as you can. Begin with 10 seconds, then the time is increased to half a minute. Ideally, you need to hold out a minute. There is also an option with a raised leg - it will increase the tension on the body and separately on the leg. Performing several approaches, change legs.
  2. The stand on direct hands will suit those who find it difficult to master the classic. The technique is the same, only with arms straightened in elbows. Put your legs in parallel, the width of the pelvic joints: this will increase the area of ​​support and it will be easier for you.
  3. T-bar.It is performed from the position on the forearms: first you need to turn the body sideways, then the forearm, and then raise your hand. To complicate the task, you can also place your foot on the foot.

What you need to remember?

  • Look should be directed to the floor so that you do not lift your head.
  • Do not squeeze the shoulder blades, so that hands do not disperse to the sides. Tighten the area between them.
  • Observe the right angle in the elbows.
  • Tighten the abdomen and hold it in a certain position, so as not to feel the extra flex in the lower back.
  • Keep the static position for at least a minute without changing your body position.
  • Make sure that the pelvis does not go up: the buttocks should remain tight.
  • The hips should be strained so that the legs are straight and do not fall.

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