How to do tricks with yo-yo?

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How to do tricks with yo-yo?

The toy with the cheerful name "Yo-Yo" is one of the most ancient toys on earth. To date, there is no specific information about where it appeared earlier - in the Philippines, in Greece or in China. Of course, then it was called quite differently, but the meaning and principle of the toy remained the same. There are lots of ways to have fun with the help of Yo-Yo. You can, as you do tricks on Yo-Yo on your own, and with delight watch how others do it.

Less modern Yo-Yo consisted of two coils that were connected by an axis. To them was attached, and then wound, a rope. To date, Yo-Yo is highly modified. It now has a ball bearing, which increases the rotation time of the toy body at the end of the rope. This innovation has allowed to perform many tricks, thereby opening up huge opportunities for players to hone their skills. The model range of modern Yo-Yo differs according to the materials of the case, the weight, the shape and size of the case itself.As well as types of brake system and toy axles. Ropes that are used for yo-yo are also made of different materials, differ in the way of weaving some threads and, of course, differ in length. Now knowing what our toy is made of, we can try to familiarize ourselves with how to do the Yo-Yo trick.


Those who have just started familiarizing themselves with a toy will of course be interesting, Yo-Yo tricks for beginners. Let's take a look at what is needed for this.

  • We learn to wind the rope, so that later you can surprise your friends and acquaintances with your skill in performing various tricks. To do this, we need to take the toy in his left hand and make one turn so that the rope can clasp the finger. Slightly move the finger with a loop, and then make four normal turns. After - remove the finger and wind the rest of the rope.
  • Take Yo-Yo in the other hand. We tie the rope to the middle finger in such a way that it is wound from the upper side near the toy itself. Next, you need to bend the arm so that the Yo-Yo is at eye level.
  • We sharply lower the hand down and make a release.During this feint, the palm should be positioned to the top, but immediately after the Yo-Yo unwinds to the end, we need to unfold the palm and slightly pull the rope so that the toy returns to our hand.

Now we will examine some of the tricks with Yo-Yo, the training which, and after - the performance, will bring a lot of positive emotions.


To perform the trick called “Star”, you need to throw the Yo-Yo in the side and put the index finger of your left hand in front of you so that the toy can turn around your finger and then return to the rope. Next, grab the rope with the thumb of our left hand, and with the thumb of the right finger, pull off one of the two parts of the rope that are wound on the index finger of our left hand. As a result, we have a figure that looks like a star. This element is the basis for many other, much more complex tricks.

No less famous trick with Yo-Yo is "Bunny". The beginning of the performance is the same as in the case of the “Star” trick. Just throw Yo-Yo is not necessary through the index finger, and through the thumb, our left hand.Now you need to throw Yo-Yo around the index finger of the right hand, and then, respectively, on the left. Now we catch our toy on the rope. After that, we need to discard the distant part of the rope from the index finger of the left hand. With the right performance, we get a figure that resembles a bunny. Only after you can perfectly perform simple tricks with Yo-Yo, you can move on to more complex ones.

If you need visual reproduction of simple as well as complex tricks with Yo-Yo, you can easily find videos - Yo-Yo tricks on the Internet. With this video, you can watch and learn at the same time. In any case, after some time, you can become a real ass in dealing with this wonderful, fun toy. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to fill your hand. You can quickly understand how to learn tricks with Yo-Yo, if you practice a lot.

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