How to draw a zebra?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
March 13, 2013
How to draw a zebra?

This horse has striped clothes, her clothes resemble a sailor suit. As you may have guessed, today we will talk about a beautiful and graceful African horse with a unique black and white color of the skin. We will try to tell you in detail, in detail, how to draw a zebra with a pencil and how to convey the unusual striped pattern of her “pajamas” on paper. Arm yourself with a well-sharpened pencil, take a piece of paper and start drawing with us.

  • Step 1. Outline the contours of the horse's head with two circles. The larger circle will be the basic basis for the cheekbones, and the smaller one will serve for the further drawing of the elongated part of the muzzle of our zebra. We connect both circles with curved lines, thus outlining the contours of the forehead and chin. We denote the body of a zebra with a large oval and complement it with two circles - the larger one will later become the back of the zebra, and the smaller one will be the basis for her chest and shoulder blades. At the end of this stage we draw two curved lines, one of them is a guide for the neck, the other for the upper back.
  • Step 2.We make the face, mark the location of the eyes, outline the kennels of the jaws, draw the lower line of the neck, smoothly go to the chest line and draw the front legs. Now, looking at our drawing, we outline the outlines of the hind legs and proceed to the next stage of the lesson how to draw a zebra.
  • Step 3. Next, we proceed as follows: in accordance with the pattern, we work out the contours of the mane, starting from the forehead of the horse and to its withers. Then we draw the legs, located in the background of our picture.
  • Step 4. Finally we finish the neck and legs of a zebra, we draw on it a slightly wavy tail consisting of separate locks. We examine the drawing and gently use a soft eraser to erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines.
  • Step 5. At this point, the work is almost finished and our story about how to draw a zebra in stages, comes to an end. There remains the last, uncomplicated, but very laborious stage, requiring from you assiduity and accuracy. Zebra will have to find their legendary stripes. Mark their outlines with thin lines, as this is done in our drawing and then diligently color it. Please note that the stripes are not the same - they are larger horses on the rump and small ones on her legs and face.

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